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Report: Marsha McDonald’s solo exhibition「Household Gods」

Studio Kura had a solo exhibition 「Household Gods」by Marsha Anne McDonald on 25th-29th OCT.

Marsha Anne McDonald is an artist from the USA based in Wisconsin who works across the fields of painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, film, and writing. Her work has been exhibited in France, Germany, Denmark, Sri Lanka, the United Kingdom, and Italy, as well as in the USA.


We could have lots of visitors, especially children who wore Halloween costume.
Lots of thanks to all visitors.

Her work shows our ordinary items which we use for cooking, washing and cleaning.
The items appears on blue cloth and looks unordinary. It was very interesting to seen them on printing on the clothes.

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Announcing: Jen Hitchings’s a solo exhibition「Exposed Roots」


Studio Kura(Itoshima City)will have an exhibition「Exposed Roots」by Jen Hitchings, who is on Art in residence program at Studio Kura currently.

Jen Hitchings was born in 1988 in New Jersey, USA. She currently works as a gallery manager in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, co-runs a small gallery space in Bushwick, Brooklyn, and maintains a painting practice. Her work is concerned with intimate relationships between people, specifically the youth in cities. She uses photography as source material, thinking about the intention behind taking photographs, and then transforms them into paintings of alternative, psychedelic realities.

Here is a massage from Jen.

My work is always directly affected by my surroundings; for several years as a Brooklyn-based artist, my paintings often depict social gatherings, parties, and celebrations which are infused with psychedelic colors and the obscuring of figures and objects. I’m interested in subtly, mortality, personal relationships, social norms, and youth culture in urban and suburban environments. Studio Kura has shifted my gaze to the relationship that the Japanese have to the landscape, rather than to one another, as the people and the natural environs co-exist so fluidly and compatibly. I have focused on depicting flora that is common in the Japanese countryside landscape, and juxtaposing it with figurative works, to invent new connections between the two life forms.

Please visit us and enjoy her work.
We are all looking forward to meeting you.

=Jen Hitchings’s solo exhibition 「Exposed Roots」=
Date:November 8th(Sat)~November 9th(Sun) 11:00-19:00
*Free for entry

OPENING PARTY:November 8th(Sat) 17:00~
*You are all invited and join us at party!!

Jen Hitchings’s profile

Organizer:Studio Kura
Address:Masue586,Nijo,Itoshima City,Fukuoka, Japan,819-1613
Tel: 0081-92-325-1773
[Train]Ikisan Station(JR Chikuhi line):15minutes walking
*(pick up service available)

Contact:Studio Kura 092-325-1773

Announcing: Marsha McDonald’s Workshop


Hi! This is Ale.
But not the one on the picture! That’s Marsha McDonald, an artist from the USA based in Wisconsin who works across the fields of painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, film, and writing.

We are planning Marsha’s exhibition for October 25, and she will be giving a workshop on the same day.

Sunprint samples Sunprint samples
Sunprint samples Sunprint samples

Marsha McDonald’s Workshop

In this workshop, we will make sun prints. Sunprints are a kind of cyanotype, a blue photographic process invented by the astronomer Sir John Hershel and used by one of the first woman photographers, Anna Atkins, in 1843. Blue and white prints are made by placing flat or nearly flat objects, like seeds and feathers, on paper or cloth, then exposing this special paper or cloth to light for 5 to 25 minutes, depending on the strength of the sunlight or indoor light. The material is then washed in water and dried. These prints are safe for supervised children, but the workshop welcomes and encourages all ages to participate. After this workshop, the prints will be exhibited as part of an installation in Studio Kura’s gallery by visiting artist for October, Marsha McDonald (USA). The artist will be present for the workshop and exhibition.

The artist will make an installation from the sun prints and other objects, inspired by lungta and intended as a special meditation on nature and creative collaboration.

Place: Studio Kura
Target: Kids to adults
Time: October 25, 2014; 14:00
Participation fee: ¥1,500
You’re expected to bring: Nothing
Teacher: Marsha McDonald (Profile)

Please contact us if you would like to attend!

Jen Hitchings just arrived last week!

Hi! This is Ale.

American artist Jen Hitchings has been staying and working at Studio Kura since last week!


Jen runs Associated Gallery in Brooklyn, New York City, with Theresa Daddezio (who was here last July) and Julian Jimarez-Howard.

She will be staying until November 10, and right after arriving at Studio Kura she started working on some pictures for the Itoshima Arts Farm, which you can visit.

Announcing: Itoshima International Art Festival 2014 is staring tomorrow!!!

Itoshima International Art Festival 2014 is staring tomorrow!!!

【Itoshima International Art Festival 2014】
Date:OCT 11th, 12th, 13th, 18th and 19th.

The festival is delighted about the harvest.
Lots of international artists are involved and their works will be shown in different places.

From Studio Kura, Jen Hitchings will offer her work to the art festival.

Also Peter Granser, who was a residence in 2013 APR-MAY, came back to ITOSHIMA to join to the festival as well.

Come and Join to the FESTIVAL to enjoy!!!!

There is a tour to “FUKUOKA ASIAN ART TORIENNALE ” on 13th OCT.

【DATE】 OCT 13th (Mon) 10:00~17:30
【FEE】 5,000JPY