Monthly Archives: February 2013

Tess Kelly’s solo exhibition and workshop

Australian photographer Tess Kelly is staying with us this month, and this weekend she is holding both a workshop and an exhibition to show the pictures she worked on this month.

exhibition PC

You can visit her solo exhibition “Itoshima, for now” from the 23th to the 28th of February, at Studio Kura Gallery. In her words:

Tess Kelly

Itoshima, for now

Itoshima, for now, is a visual response to my short time here in Itoshima, Japan.

I am an Australian photographic artist interested in looking at how, through personal perception, varied environments and objects are capable of exuding and reflecting an internal emotion.

For now, for myself, for you. Landscapes and still life photographs reflect moments of my days and nights, my thoughts, reactions, uncertainties, awe and stillness in this unfamiliar world. These images are of a poetic nature, a reflection of Itoshima that have been entwined and influenced by a personal perception.


The same day her exhibition will open, Tess will hold a workshop to teach the local community some photography techniques.

We will have an opening party after the workshop so I think this will be a very enjoyable Saturday at Studio Kura!

Introducing the new Studio Kura blog

Hello, this is Alejandro Cremades.

At Studio Kura we have been running our Artist in Residence Program since 2007. 25 artists from 15 countries have visited us as of today.


It is an intimate place in a rural environment where artists can really make themselves at home, staying at a traditional Japanese house.


We have been doing this for a long time and now we feel confident to make it easier for artists to apply to our programme. We have been improving and updating our website, got ourselves added to the Trans Artists database, and we even made an application form available to you.

We will keep sharing information on the site, on this blog we just started, and also on Twitter and Facebook. Please feel free to ask any question about the studio or the programme.