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Announcing Joanna Vymeris’s Exhibition “Between these threads of time”

We are happy to announce Between these threads of time by Joanna Vymeris, as a result of her activity during her stay at Studio Kura.

Joanna Vymeris recently graduated in History of Art from Cambridge University in July 2016. This academic endeavour has helped direct her own artistic practice in the mediums of collage, oil paint and performance which focus on themes of memory and identity. Joanna is the founder and creative director of The Feathers of Daedalus Circus, a new contemporary circus company creating surrealist story adaptations.

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Welcome to Residence House 3


Hi! This is Ale.

You may or may not noticed that we have had more residence slots for a couple weeks. This is not because we partitioned all the rooms (we didn’t). It’s because we got an entire new house!


Once again, it’s a tradicional Japanese house. You’ll be living in a house similar to the ones your neighbors live in. And we’ve been hard at work getting everything ready for people to feel comfortable in this place.


Residence House 3 is near JR Ikisan station. It will only take you 3 minutes by foot, so please ask about vacancies in this particular house if you aren’t good with bicycles.

We are very happy to be able to accommodate more artists at once!

Announcing Silas Thomas Parry’s Exhibition “100 Yen Paradox”

We are happy to announce 100 Yen Paradox by Silas Thomas Parry, as a result of his activity during his stay at Studio Kura.

Silas Thomas Parry is an artist from Edinburgh, working in sculpture and installation. His practice explores form and materials, often using movement, light and sound to invest objects with agency. His sculptures and installations investigate themes of the non-human ‘other’ and science-fiction futures. These are rooted in an interest in ecological change.

Silas is a current recipient of an Edinburgh Emerging Artists Bursary from Edinburgh City Council and Creative Scotland. His residency at Studio Kura has been made possible with support from The Sasakawa Foundation. Silas has shown work in Scotland and across Europe.

During his residency, Silas would like to create work that appears alive in some way. An encounter with life forms that re-frame our position in the environment.
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Announcing Guillaume Cousson’s Performance “Sword combined with magic technique.”

We are happy to announce Sword combined with magic technique. by Guillaume Cousson, as a result of his activity during his stay at Studio Kura.
>> Please see here for his magic workshop for kids on Nov 27(Sun).

Guillaume Cousson is a performer who is characterized by the diversity of his bodily expression – a fusion of circus,dance, magic and visual art to create performances. Guillaume has a passion for Asian art and Japanese manga and when he was a kid he studied drawing. Later he self-trained as a hip hop and contemporary dancer, and he discovered circus through juggling in 2003. From this combination of skills he focused his training on the body movement integrating visual pattern created by the object in motion. He collaborated with manufacturers and created a concept for a show using advanced technology to create live visual effects combined with magic technique. In 2011 he created the character RIUCHI who is Guillaume’s Asian side.

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Announcing Guillaume Cousson aka RIUCHI presenting a Magic Workshop on Nov 27 (Sun)

We are happy to announce a French contemporary circus performer presenting a magic workshop on Nov 27 (Sun).


Guillaume Cousson is a contemporary circus performer and creates magic effect live on stage.
Magic from the ancient times had been seen as secretive art form that is only transmitted from magician to magician.
Guillaume in this workshop will open this world of what’s behind the magic, the trick on itself.

Message from Guillaume Cousson aka RIUCHI;

What you’ll learn is the basic of one very famous magic trick that can be performed anywhere with the right mindset and surrounding. It’s simple but also limitless. We will start with a small performance that will show you different possibilities. We will then learn with games and exercises. You’ll go home with the trick itself that is only sold on magic specialized shop; free to take home with you so there will be very limited space.

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Feel Free to Use Our Stone Oven!

Hi! This Ale.
For years, we’ve had a stone oven in an open air location. We recently built a structure around it so it’s more comfortable to use.


The oven is hand made, the structure is hand made, and the pizza should be hand-made too!


We would love this place to become a community spot for artists and their Japanese neighbors to get together. Feel free to throw your own pizza party and share with your fellow artists and neighbors! Or whatever you can think of cooking in an oven. Maybe something special from your country?

Announcing Haryo Hutomo Mohamad’s Exhibition and Symposium this weekend on Nov 12(Sat), 13(Sun)

We are happy to announce an exhibition with a symposium by Haryo Hutomo Mohamad, as a result of his activity during his stay at Studio Kura on November 12(Sat) and 13(Sun).
As Haryo is selected a winner of Move Arts Japan Open Call, MAJ Residence Program Guest Artists participating two week residency at Studio Kura, the artist presents variety of works and having a symposium with a local farmer and an organizer here in Itoshima.

Mohamad Haryo Hutomo born in Jakarta, 1990. Artist from Indonesia, currently lives and works in two cities, Jakarta and Jogjakarta. Graduated from majoring Visual Art Education (B.Ed), State University of Jakarta, Indonesia. He is a multidisciplinary artist, he uses drawing as a medium of personal records, also often uses photograph, installations, videos, and performance art, even collaboration with the local communities to create an “event”. He always interested in the issues of everyday life, destroying boundaries between the west and the east, and always playing memory through art. For him, art must be have a different perspective on an issues, from here the artist must be careful when doing research and needed a method that is not monotonous.
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