Announcing Guillaume Cousson aka RIUCHI presenting a Magic Workshop on Nov 27 (Sun)

We are happy to announce a French contemporary circus performer presenting a magic workshop on Nov 27 (Sun).


Guillaume Cousson is a contemporary circus performer and creates magic effect live on stage.
Magic from the ancient times had been seen as secretive art form that is only transmitted from magician to magician.
Guillaume in this workshop will open this world of what’s behind the magic, the trick on itself.

Message from Guillaume Cousson aka RIUCHI;

What you’ll learn is the basic of one very famous magic trick that can be performed anywhere with the right mindset and surrounding. It’s simple but also limitless. We will start with a small performance that will show you different possibilities. We will then learn with games and exercises. You’ll go home with the trick itself that is only sold on magic specialized shop; free to take home with you so there will be very limited space.

Link to video

Magic Workshop by Guillaume Cousson

Teacher: Guillaume Cousson (profile)
Place: Studio Kura Gallery (586 Nijo-masue, Itoshima, Fukuoka)
Target: from 12 years old
Maximum participants: 6
Date and time: Nov 27 (sun) 14:30-15:30
Fee: none
You should take with you: nothing
Please contact us if you would like to attend!

– Special Performance at a shrine on Nov 26(Sat) –
Please enjoy his special performance “Sword combined with magic technique.” taking place at the Masue Tenmangu Shrine at 17:00 on Nov 26(Sat) if you are close by!

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