Monthly Archives: May 2016

Announcing Jem Magbanua’s Exhibition “Between Departing and Arriving”

We are happy to announce Between Departing and Arriving, an exhibition by Jem Magbanua, as a result of her activity during her stay at Studio Kura.

Jem Magbanua is a visual artist based in the Philippines. She earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore in 2014. Her work has been exhibited in the Philippines, Singapore, and the United States.
She examines ideas of the nature of place, of human beings in place, and of the organic and artificial structures that shape such being. Her drawings and collages are acts of contemplation on the flux of the bustling city life and how it affects a person’s sense of belonging.
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Announcing Stefano Buro’s Exhibition “今”

We are happy to announce 今 now, an exhibition by Stefano Buro, as a result of his activity during her stay at Studio Kura.

Stefano Buro is an animator and illustrator artist based in Verona, Italy.
He completed his Bachelor of Art in Painting at Cignaroli Fine Art School in Verona and he has been working as a freelance artist since 2005.
His works have been shown in galleries, museums and pubs in Italy, France, Spain, Portugal and Austria. He won the Grand prix européen des jeunes créateurs in Montrouge – France in 2005. He is fascinated by Japanese culture, mainly by calligraphy and ukiyo-e 浮世絵 and in general by signs and signals.
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Announcing Tomer Reuven’s Exhibition “SitZen”

We are happy to announce SitZen, an exhibition by Tomer Reuven, as a result of his activity during her stay at Studio Kura.

Tomer Reuven as Tumai is a product designer. He completed his Bachelor of Designs in Jewellery Design, Shenkar College of Engineering and Design, Ramat Gan, Israel. Then, he also completed Architectural Engineering degree from the Michlala Leminhal College, Jerusalem, Israel.
Tumai’s process of creation is an endless circle process – searching for root’s motive and one’s needs, defining them and design the product, trying to achieve natural simple objects – be it a single book shelf or a whole house.
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Announcing Roseanne May’s Exhibition “Ethereal”

We are happy to announce Ethereal, an exhibition by Roseanne May, as a result of her activity during her stay at Studio Kura.

Roseanne May is an emerging visual artist based in Adelaide, Australia. She completed her Bachelor of Visual Arts and Design at Adelaide College of the Arts in 2015, where she majored in photography.
From growing up and spending most of her life on Kangaroo Island, South Australia, Roseanne has always had a strong connection with nature. Her art practice has largely consisted of works photographed within a natural landscape, exploring topics on spirituality, dreams, romanticism, and disconnection.
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