Monthly Archives: April 2016

Announcing Shari Diamond’s Cyanotype Workshop on Apr 23 (Sat)


We are happy to announce that our current residence artist Shari Diamond will have Cyanotype (known as blueprint) workshop at 14:00-, on April 23(Sat).


Using special papers that turning into blue when exposing to the sun, let’s make a classic type photographic work! This workshop is open to any age, so anyone who is interested in Cyanotype are welcome to join! You can make an unique piece by folding the paper, putting your favorite small staffs on the paper.
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Announcing Molly Garcia-Underwood’s Exhibition “For Future Reference”

We are happy to announce For Future Reference, an exhibition by Molly Garcia-Underwood, as a result of her activity during her stay at Studio Kura.

Molly García-Underwood is an emerging artist based in Adelaide, South Australia. García-Underwood completed a Bachelor of Visual Arts & Design at the Adelaide College of the Arts with a Major in Photography in 2015.
García-Underwood likes to play with objects and bodies and light to create works that explore concepts of power, permanence, interference and manipulation. Her practice is not restricted by any one particular medium, with her work utilizing aspects of photography, video, sculpture and installation.
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Announcing Michelle Pei Ting Huang’s Exhibition “to belong”

We are happy to announce to belong, an exhibition by Michelle Pei Ting Huang, as a result of her activity during her stay at Studio Kura.

Michelle Pei Ting Huang is a native of São Paulo who has recently written and illustrated a children’s book under the name of Elle Pei. She has completed her MDes studies in Industrial Product Design at Coventry University in 2009 and had a stint working as a product designer at Maybe Design in Istanbul, Turkey.
Currently she is exploring the fields of illustration, cinemagraphs and coding. She enjoys people watching and likes to compare quotidian habits from different cultures. Michelle has a fascination in engaging with daily activities in which others would usually describe as mundane. She aims to bring in the weird and alluring aspects of these activities through her work.
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Announcing Tara Benjamin-Morgan’s Exhibition “88:127”

We are happy to announce 88:127, an exhibition by Tara Benjamin-Morgan, as a result of her activity during her stay at Studio Kura.

Tara Benjamin-Morgan (b. 1991) is a visual artist based in the UK. She graduated from the University of Oxford in 2013 with a BFA in Fine Art and is currently applying for a Masters.
In her practice she often engages in a process akin to Chinese whispers, where drawing and redrawing, translating from one medium to another and interweaving memory allows an object or a form to continually evolve and develop new identities. Imagination intrudes into the space where recollection collapses or where there might be room for something else to exist.
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Announcing Beste Miray Doğan’s Exhibition “a​ ​·​ ​d​ ​r​ ​i​ ​f​ ​t”

We are happy to announce a​ ​·​ ​d​ ​r​ ​i​ ​f​ ​t, an exhibition by Beste Miray Doğan, as a result of her activity during her stay at Studio Kura.

Beste Miray Doğan is a ​graphic ​designer based in ​​Istanbul.
She completed her Bachelor of Arts in​ ​Graphic Design ​in Beykent University, ​​Istanbul. Studied Design and Culture Management ​​in Bilgi University, ​​Istanbul, she is currently doing her master course on Graphic Design in Anadolu University, Eskişehir. ​​After working ​​​for multi-disciplinary design companies for years now she is doing books & book covers design.
​She tries the walk in between design and art by her ‘made up projects’. Trying to point the effortless ‘art pieces’ or ‘design objects’ among daily life, she uses different medias like illustration, photography and typography…
Beste has a fascination for old tales and fables and would like to explore and observe its effects in the daily life and apply it to her mixed-media work.
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Announcing Shari Diamond’s Exhibition “Out of the Blue”

We are happy to announce Out of the Blue, an exhibition by Shari Diamond, as a result of her activity during her stay at Studio Kura.

Shari Diamond is an artist based in New York City. Her work incorporates photography and digital technology and has been shown in the USA, Mexico and Israel. Shari is a full time faculty at Parsons School of Design.
Her practice explores individuality and difference as it relates to our social, sexual and political constructs. Narrative is a constant thread throughout her work, always speaking to a larger political condition rooted in personal experience of difference.
During her residency, Shari will be exploring art making as a contemplative practice utilising the image and symbolism of the paper crane as her starting point.
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