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Announcing David McGovern’s workshop “Experimenting with video art” on March 22(Sun.)

We are pleased to announce our current residence artist from Ireland, David McGovern’s workshop “Experimenting with video art” at Studio Kura on Mar 22(Sun.).

Hello Everyone!

Video art has the ability to capture our attentions and make us forget about time passing. This one hour workshop looks at the origins of video art, and what is it that makes moving image so captivating to the viewer. We will film on our smartphones to create short looping videos. We will discuss framing, patterns and time on screen. The workshop is open to all – no video experience necessary!

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Announcing JP Neang’s Workshop “Light of Fireflies: hotaru no hikari” on Oct 20 (Sun.), 22(Tue., holiday) and 27(Sun.)

We are happy to announce our current residence American artist, JP Neang’s workshop “Light of Fireflies: hotaru no hikari” at Studio Kura on Oct 20(Sun.), 22(Tue., holiday) and 27(Sun.).


Hello Everyone!

I invite both children and adults to come and create a field of light up fireflies with me. We will be working with color changing LED, lithium batteries, small motors (optional), and basic crafting supplies. We don’t have fireflies in San Francisco and it’s always been my dream as a child to see them. When I went to Japan for the first time three years ago I was able to see them. It was a very warm memory and I’d like to share that moment with everyone. Let’s celebrate the beauty of fireflies together.

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Announcing JP Neang’s Workshop “See Life. Sea Life” on May 27 (Sat)

We are happy to announce our current residence American artist, JP Neang’s workshop “See Life. Sea Life” at Studio Kura on May 27(Sat).
*We closed the application due to the number of applicants reached the quota. Thank you very much!

JP Neang is an Artist, Educator & Creative Director based in Bay Area, California. She decided to give a fun and happy workshop to kids over 5 in Itoshima during her stay!

名称未設jp定 1
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Announcing Guillaume Cousson aka RIUCHI presenting a Magic Workshop on Nov 27 (Sun)

We are happy to announce a French contemporary circus performer presenting a magic workshop on Nov 27 (Sun).


Guillaume Cousson is a contemporary circus performer and creates magic effect live on stage.
Magic from the ancient times had been seen as secretive art form that is only transmitted from magician to magician.
Guillaume in this workshop will open this world of what’s behind the magic, the trick on itself.

Message from Guillaume Cousson aka RIUCHI;

What you’ll learn is the basic of one very famous magic trick that can be performed anywhere with the right mindset and surrounding. It’s simple but also limitless. We will start with a small performance that will show you different possibilities. We will then learn with games and exercises. You’ll go home with the trick itself that is only sold on magic specialized shop; free to take home with you so there will be very limited space.

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Announcing Shari Diamond’s Cyanotype Workshop on Apr 23 (Sat)


We are happy to announce that our current residence artist Shari Diamond will have Cyanotype (known as blueprint) workshop at 14:00-, on April 23(Sat).


Using special papers that turning into blue when exposing to the sun, let’s make a classic type photographic work! This workshop is open to any age, so anyone who is interested in Cyanotype are welcome to join! You can make an unique piece by folding the paper, putting your favorite small staffs on the paper.
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Event View at Itoshima Spring Festival 2016 “Sakuraitoshimatsuri” : Kate Gorrie, Tara Benjamin-Morgan, Park Hyun Ji, Amjad Akash

The weather in Itoshima is getting warmer and more sunny these days!
Studio Kura was participated in the 2nd Sakuraitoshimatsuri 2016, Itoshima Spring Festival at Itoshima Shrine on March 20th. It was such a lovely day, perfect time for celebrating spring season!

Our current residence artists, Amjad Akash, Tara Benjamin-Morgan, Kate Gorrie and Park Hyun Ji also attended and helped this event, to give joyful workshops and great works specially for this event!

As we run kids art classes, Studio Kura produced an art installation showing kids’ sculptural works at the approach to the main shrine.
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Announcing Jeongsoo Lim’s Stone Tower Workshop on Feb 27 (Sat)

We are happy to announce an Korean visual artist Jeongsoo Lim’s stone tower card workshop at 13:30-, on Feb 27(Sat).

limjeongsoo profile image

Jeongsoo Lim is specialized in installation with the deconstruction and recombination of images based in Seoul, South Korea.
Her workshops will be held at 13:30, just before starting the opening party for her exhibition on Feb 27(Sat).

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Announcing Gwynessa Balvanz’s Felting Workshop on Jan 30 (Sat)

We are happy to announce an American visual artist Gwynessa Balvanz’s felting workshop at Studio Kura in the end of this January.

Gwynessa Balvanz
Gwynessa lives and works in San Francisco, where the temperature is around 10-15 degrees in this period, so she seemed to enjoy to see snow although the coldness here might be tough for her. Her workshops will be held at 13:00, just before starting the closing party for her exhibition on Jan 30(Sat).

image    unnagmed
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Announcing Jessica Skupa’s Paper Snowflakes Workshop on Dec 19 (Sat)

We are happy to announce an American footwear designer Jessica Skupa’s paper snowflakes workshop at Studio Kura in this winter season.


Jessica came from Alaska where the temparature is below 40 degrees Celsius in a severe winter. Her workshops will be held twice on Dec 19(Sat).

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