Announcing David McGovern’s workshop “Experimenting with video art” on March 22(Sun.)

We are pleased to announce our current residence artist from Ireland, David McGovern’s workshop “Experimenting with video art” at Studio Kura on Mar 22(Sun.).

Hello Everyone!

Video art has the ability to capture our attentions and make us forget about time passing. This one hour workshop looks at the origins of video art, and what is it that makes moving image so captivating to the viewer. We will film on our smartphones to create short looping videos. We will discuss framing, patterns and time on screen. The workshop is open to all – no video experience necessary!

David McGovern is a video artist and educator based in Ireland. His workcentres on reflective, highly-personal moments; using moving image to explorethe ambiguity of the human condition. He operates between high-quality cinematic capture, and lo-fi experimental techniques.
David studied at University of the Arts London, where he is now a visiting lecturer in moving image. He runs a variety of workshops that reimagine our relationship to film. Thinking Through Moving Image uses video-making as a tool to unblock the thought process, much like you might use a sketchbook to draw idly. He has delivered this session in a variety of environments, including a school in rural Nepal.

Workshop “Experimenting with video art” by David McGovern

Date and time: March 22(Sun.) 13:00-
Place: Studio 1 or House 1
*Please meet us first at Studio Kura Office (586 Nijo-masue, Itoshima)
Target: Any age: kids aged over 7 to adults
Fee: none
You should take with you: Your smartphone (with enough battery!)


Contact to book:
Please contact us if you would like to attend, and write 1) your name, 2) age, 3) preferable date, 4) number of participants, 5) contact number and email address!
*Maximum of 6 people to participate
*After the workshop, you can have a look his solo exhibition and other residence artists’ exhibitions too. There is an artist talk and the exhibition party starting from 15:00 on 21st, you are welcome to attend!

Workshop views

Starting with the gif image created by Eadweard Muybridge in 1872, we shared the understanding the differences and the impact between still images and moving images and historical background and purposes of moving images; gifs, movies, short films and SNS stories.

Using the application “iMotion” on a smartphone, we made moving images with 24 frames or more outside, and we presented our results and shared the new pleasure of instant movies on a smartphone that everyone can easily capture anything!

After the workshop, a participant was an artist so he showed us his unique video works!

Thank you David and all participants, it was creative fun time!

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