David McGovern

David McGovern (Ireland) Residence: March 2020

David McGovern is a video artist and educator based in Ireland. His workcentres on reflective, highly-personal moments; using moving image to explorethe ambiguity of the human condition. He operates between high-quality cinematic capture, and lo-fi experimental techniques.

David studied at University of the Arts London, where he is now a visiting lecturer in moving image. He runs a variety of workshops that reimagine our relationship to film. Thinking Through Moving Image uses video-making as a tool to unblock the thought process, much like you might use a sketchbook to draw idly. He has delivered this session in a variety of environments, including a school in rural Nepal.

In his residency at Studio Kura, David intends to further explore how we behave when we become stuck, both in creative practice and daily life. He will question whether the slower pace offered by the countryside alleviates or aggravates our Stuckness.
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