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Announcing: Amy M. Ho’s a solo exhibition「Everywhere and Nowhere」

Everywhere and Nowhere

Current artist residence, Amy M. Ho is having a solo exhibition「Everywhere and Nowhere」at studio kura.

She works and base in San Francisco. Her works will be doing a big instantiation by using video and space, and show the ordinarily world which we do not normally pay attention. But she let people pay attention physically and spiritually.
Please enjoy her instantiation work.

We are looking forward to meeting you here.

Amy M. Ho solo exhibition「Everywhere and Nowhere」
Date: Sep. 27th(Sat)-Sep 28th(Sun) open 11:00am-19:00 Free entrance
*SEP 27th Opening party start at 17:00.

Amy M. Ho’s Profile

Organized by :Studio Kura
Place: 福岡県糸島市二丈松末586
[Train]JR CHIKUHI LINE IKISAN station.15mits work(A transportation service is available from the station.)

Contact:Studio Kura Matsuzaki Hirofumi(092-325-1773)

KUNISAKI ART FESTIVAL:We set up our work for the exhibition

We just finished the first set up at KUNISAKI ART FESTIVAL.
It was so hard to set up everything….My hands were swollen!!
We installed the Studio Kura Gathering house in the KUNISAKI gathering house.

are we in Studio Kra???!!! Wow, it is so looks like Studio KUra~! I do not want to go home~!!

We put the history of residences artist at Studio Kura to show worldwide network data. Visualization is also coming soon.
We would like latitude and longitude to be automatic. We wont be able to sleep….
Once it is done, we would like it to be open source and let people use them.

Miracle three shot!! Studio Kura is surrounded by Antony Gormley and Team Labo and other great masters.
Hope we didn’t use all our luck….
Good Night.

Announcing: Double Opening will be on 13th Sep Sat.


We are happy to announce TWO new exhibitions and opening party from one the artists in the Studio Kura residence program.

Current residence Artist, Akie Ooba will have an exhibition 「Words in this side to in the anothers. Version KYUSHU」

Date: September 13th,14th,15th,20th and 21st.
Open from 11:00 to 19:00 (free entrance)

Here is a message from Ooba.
I have been sketching for almost 7 years about SUMO. When i was sketching, i was a foreigner as i could not be an audience and become a SUMO wrestler.
It was my Happiness. At the same time i was alone.
Therefore, this exhibition is a process in order to become a human from foreigner.


There is NOGUCHI RYOHEI’S exhibition「Pray」also will be held.

We are having Opening Party on 13th SEP sat. 17:00.
you are all welcome to join us.

Mr. NOGUCHI and Matsuzaki have stayed at small house made by Felder for 1 week.
Now he is staying at Garally and be ready for exhibition.

He is very interesting person. You will find his character when you ask questions!

Please visit us and enjoy both exhibition.

Date: September 13th,14th,15th,20th and 21st.
Open from 11:00 to 19:00 (free entrance)

Both opening party will be on September 13th (Saturday), from 17:00.