Monthly Archives: January 2017

Announcing Sebastián Riffo’s Exhibition “無常 – IMPERMANENCE”

We are pleased to announce an exhibition 無常 – IMPERMANENCE by Sebastián Riffo, as a result of his activity during his stay at Studio Kura on January 28 (Sat) & 29 (Sun).

Sebastián Riffo is a Chilean artist. He is interested in both the study and the practice of art because it makes him feel alive and aware of what is happening, what has happened and, possibly, what will happen around him. Clearly, it is a way of life, a window through which to watch human progress; one among the thousands of conceptual and technical structures used to give meaning to reality, to possibility, to that which is important, to the mundane, to memory, in other words, to our precarious and fragile existence.
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Announcing Laura Ortego’s Exhibition “LIVING ROOM + THE BLUE HOUR”

We are pleased to announce an exhibition LIVING ROOM + THE BLUE HOUR by Laura Ortego, as a result of her activity during her stay at Studio Kura on January 28 (Sat) & 29 (Sun).

Laura Ortego is a photographer, born in Argentina. She graduated as a Director of Photography at the National Film School.Her work was exhibited in several countries around the world, she is currently having her exhibition “Chicas” at Galería EL TALLER, in Fukuoka until January 31, 2017.
Her interests are the construction of identity, the passage from childhood to adulthood, migration and the encounter between East and West.
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