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Hiro’s Work Displayed at Hakata Hankyu Until 18th February

Hi, this is aya.
I am translating a blog article about Hiro’s art work displaying at Hakata Hankyu’s entrance (original Japanese article).

Merry X’mas to all.
This is Hiro, recently I haven’t had enough sleep… I got a pimple for the first in many years and i rubbed my car. So troublesome.
Additionally, things happened when I was setting my work at the site.
First, my art did not fit into the space. Second, I tried to fix them to fit and then the strings came off. Third, the panel was bent and fourth, the pole was too short… and so on.
Those 3 hours working at night were the worst artwork setup in my life.
Lots of thanks to all people who helped me.
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Report: Erin Robinson Grant’s Exhibition “misPlaced”

Hi, this is aya.
Today, I would like to introduce Erin Robinson Grant’s Exhibition misPlaced. She spent time making a video and drawing during her 2 weeks stay.
When she put on her special green clothes, an invisible person would appear. In this video, she is expressing the feeling of something that exists, but not for sure.
Please take a look and enjoy her world.
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Announcing: Thomas Hadland’s solo exhibiton “Ethereal”

Hi, this is aya.

We are happy to announce Thomas Hadland’s solo exhibition Ethereal, he is an artist in residence at Studio Kura.

Thomas is a photographer from Australia, who is the youngest residence artists at Studio Kura ever. During his stay, he went outside with his camera at night and took photos of Itoshima’s night.

His photos are different from other artists’s work, which is mysterious and fascinating by appearing a light in photographs. When you open your eyes at night with quietness, the sight at night of Itoshima might be appeared like his work.

We would be very happy to meet you at this exhibition.

Thomas Hadland’s solo exhibiton 「Ethereal」
Dates: December 21-28 11:00-19:00 (Free entrance)
* There will be an opening party on the 21th at 17:00.
(Small finger foods will is also waiting for your visit!!)
Organized by: Studio Kura
Address: 福岡県糸島市二丈松末586
Train: JR Chikuhi Line, Ikisan Station (15 minute walk, we will give you a ride if you call us)
Contact: Studio Kura (Hirofumi Matsuzaki) 092-325-1773

Report from Suyeon Na’s Exhibition “Life is Everywhere”

Hi! This is Ale.
I would like to translate for you an article that Miss Toyoda of Itoshima Arts Farm wrote about Suyeon’s exhibition.

Then, we went to see Suyeon Na’s exhibition. Visitors walked for one minute to the residence house, holding their drink of choice in their hands. Walking with a drink in your hand under the winter sky pursuing more art to enjoy feels great.

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Report from Hannah Quinlivan’s Exhibition “Penumbra”

Hi! This is Ale.
I would like to translate for you an article that Miss Toyoda of Itoshima Arts Farm wrote about Hannah’s exhibition’s opening party.

In some way, we all looked like fish caught in a net. But unlike fish, we were having a lot of fun. In contrast with the softness that the materials used in this installation makes us feel, we visitors were being observed by a camera set above the entrance since the moment they come in.
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