Report: Hannah Quinlivan’s Closing Party

2013-11-29 19.12.23

Hi! This is Hiro.
Last weekend, we held Hannah Quinlivan’s closing party. She had kept working on her installation since the opening, and on the day of the closing the mood was quite different and it had started looking more like an architectural structure.

For this exhibition, Hannah used 1.2 km of wire, 1.35 km of white tape, 900 m of string, and 7 x 4.5 m of Japanese washi paper. The vast amount of white lines, as well as the countless shadows they cast on the ground, created complex lines going from white to black and transformed the kura into a completely different space.

2013-11-30 18.41.36

Then at 18:30 local dancers Kana and Eri performed ballet inside Hannah’s installation. Their dance matched the space perfectly, it was wonderful! They even did an encore for us. Thank you!

2013-11-30 10.27.12

I felt happy just by seeing Erin’s splendid smile. I would like to facilitate more collaborations between local artists and residence artists from now on. I hope we find a lot of local artists interested in this kind of joint work! New experiences mean chances to express a wider array of things, and also chances to connect to local people!

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