Cecile Maurel

Cecile Maurel(セシル・モーレル)






Cecile Maurel

Graduated from the « Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Appliqués et des Métiers d’Art » in Paris

She starts working as a freelance fabric designer in collaboration with Textile Design Studio in Germany for around ten years, developing furnishing textiles collections for various European clients, participating in international trade fairs in Brussels, Frankfurt, Paris.

Established in Los Angeles, California from during 5 years, enrolls at the « Pasadena Art Center » and the « Barnsdale Art Institute » to take painting classes while continuing her work as a fabric designer.

Back in France, she settles into the city of Marseille for 17 years, paints in her studio and exhibits her work throughout galleries and various exhibition shows.

In 2018, she takes over the studio of a sculptor in the country side of Camargue close to Arles in which allows her to work on large formats such as her paintings on over 6m (20ft) long strips of fine tracing paper.

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