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Announcing Ellie Craze’s Exhibition “Pictures of the Floating World”

We are pleased to announce an exhibition Pictures of the Floating World by Ellie Craze, as a result of her activity during her stay at Studio Kura on February 25 (Sat) & 26 (Sun).

Ellie Craze is a pop surrealist from the United States. Her work takes many forms including illustrations, paintings, toys, and digital art. In 2016, she completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts at Arizona State University and now pursues a career in the professional art world. Craze’s job experience includes graphic design for concert venues and fashion magazines, art direction, and instructing various art classes.
Bright colors, floating worlds, and friendly imaginary characters are often found in her art.
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Announcing Melissa Beattie’s Exhibition “Happiness in Japan”

We are pleased to announce an exhibition Happiness in Japan by Melissa Beattie, as a result of her activity during her stay at Studio Kura on February 25 (Sat) & 26 (Sun).

Melissa Beattie is a Fine Art Photographer whose work focuses and explores happiness and identity crisis. Her work often displays her own processes of dealing with her own issues of identity – and the way in which she portrays her work is her way of dealing with who she is as a photo therapy. Within the production of her identity projects she decided that she wanted to explore happiness, as she didn’t want her work or her name to become fogged over by negativity. She started a blog to speak openly about happiness and invite others to read and participate in finding out what their own happiness means.
Graduating with a degree in BA(hons) Photography from the University of Wolverhampton in 2016, she is coming into the world with a passion for spreading happiness and exploring the world to keep finding her own happy.
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Announcing Daniela Tenhamm’s Exhibition & Performance “Here I Am”

We are pleased to announce an exhibition Here I Am by Daniela Tenhamm, as a result of her activity during her stay at Studio Kura on February 25 (Sat) & 26 (Sun).

Daniela Tenhamm is a Chilean-born Brooklyn based performance artist. She holds a Masters in Arts Politics from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. She has performed and showed her work in Chile, Mexico, Brazil and the United States.
She is interested in how people meet their own body as an aesthetic and political experience. She works with improvisation and individual-anatomic movement with the aim to recognize each person’s history and life circumstances. Her aim is to link the materiality of the body itself with a variety of medias and to see what emerges from such an experience. She explores how to bring the arts to different scenarios, researching in the concept of the site specific as a way to inhabit new places.
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Announcing Serena Della Bona’s Exhibition “The first story”

We are pleased to announce an exhibition The first story by Serena Della Bona, as a result of her activity during her stay at Studio Kura on February 25 (Sat) & 26 (Sun).

Serena Della Bona is specialized in painting and drawing, with a degree in painting at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera in Milan. She has participated in various travelling exhibitions in Italy.
Over the years, her work has taken several roads, always experimented with various materials and various painting techniques, recurring subjects are naturalistic. In the last few years she introduced characters related in Japanese culture because she is very fascinated by everything about this world. The concept is important to let the change take place, the influence of life is reflected in the work, this is in constantly Evolution (This year, I plan to publish my first narrative and figurative book about fantasy story).
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Announcing Tsai-Yi-Chi’s Exhibition “Between slovenly 不修邊幅之間”

We are pleased to announce an exhibition Between slovenly 不修邊幅之間 by Tsai-Yi-Chi, as a result of her activity during her stay at Studio Kura on February 25 (Sat) & 26 (Sun).

Tsai-Yi-Chi specializes in drawing and ceramics based in Pingtung, she just completed her Bachelor of Arts in Ceramic and Drawing in Taiwan last year, then got the qualification from Compeung Artist-in-Residency program in Chiangmai, Thailand. She recently had her solo exhibition ‘Coexist’ in the Chin Chin Pottery gallery, Tainan county.

Her habitual material, paper and clay, as two different concepts to her but correspond to happening. Since she sensible of human’s life, with their creation of everything, from big to small, hard or weak, it will change or disappeared follow by weather and time, let her eager to be a discoverer and participate in change. Rethink how to interact the environment with the harmless by an elapse of times, also how to become a part of it, anticipates using a kind of silent posture to blend surrounding, to doubt and to introspection. Let the spirit rises to a higher level, the sense of beauty will be a kind of love.
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Announcing Chiu Wan-Ting’s Exhibition “Today is beautiful 今日は美しい一日です 今日 依然美”

We are pleased to announce an exhibition Today is beautiful 今日は美しい一日です 今日 依然美 by Chiu Wan-Ting, as a result of her activity during her stay at Studio Kura on February 25 (Sat) & 26 (Sun).

Chiu Wan-Ting is an artist based in Taiwan. She learned fashion design and management in her BA, and fine arts in her Master degree, graduated from Tainan University Of Technology in 2015.
Chiu’s art work is created using fiber materials such as cotton materials or woolens, also combining pigments or other things. Her creation has the spirit from her feeling which sometimes can be expressed in an abstract way and spontaneously, not in the style of form.
The artist does not propose the way of seeing and thinking her work to audiences, as she believes the answer will be in everyone’s mind, and there are open possibilities in their feelings to find something and to explore the moment.
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