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Announcing Claire Pendrigh’s Exhibition “Tea Seas”

We are happy to announce Tea Seas, an exhibition by Claire Pendrigh, in which she will show work she did during her residence at Studio Kura.

Claire Pendrigh is an Australian visual artist who works across the mediums of painting, drawing, knitting and installation. She has exhibited in Australia and internationally in the United Kingdom and the United States. Her time at Studio Kura will be her second artist residency, her first residency taking place in Iceland in 2012.

Pendrigh’s work is characterized by a search to locate the individual in the context of the universe. Often combining elements that symbolize the homely with scientific theories, Pendrigh’s work explores the tension between the scale of the universe and the everyday experience of being human.
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Residence Schedule and Activities

Hi, this is Ale!

In an attempt to make the residence program’s schedule clearer, we are setting some common activities.

Around the first week of the month, we will take the artists on a tour around Itoshima.

2013-02-11 11.30.28
Itoshima tour

Then, the following week we will arrange a workshop for them to experience some kind of Japanese craft. So far we have experienced washi (traditional Japanese paper making) and bonsai.

Washi making

And the last weekend before an artist going back home will be their exhibition! The opening party usually starts at 15:00 on Saturday.

We hope this helps artists planning their residence.

Learn English with Charlie

Hi! This is Ale.

One of the people staying with us, Charlie Bolton, has over two years experience in teaching English as a second language to students all ages. He would be happy to teach some lessons while he is in Itoshima, so feel free to contact us (in Japanese or English) if you are interested. He will be staying until the end of April.


He is thinking ¥1,500 per student/hour if two students take the lessons together, but please ask if you are alone or you have a larger group. He will appreciate talking to anyone interested in the lessons, finding out their level, preferred time and place to take the lessons.

It feels natural to have the lessons at Studio Kura but feel free to ask if you would rather him going to your place.

We are happy about the English lessons and will support anyone staying with us who is interested in teaching.
Happy learning with Charlie!

Learning Japanese While You Stay at Studio Kura

Hi, this is Ale!
Some people like to learn a little Japanese while they are here, and I guess lessons could help.

There is a place to go for some inexpensive, friendly lessons. It’s endorsed by the city hall and run by volunteers in a public space, so I guess you can expect sitting next to people of different levels, but I’m sure the people will be very nice and also you only pay ¥100 for a 90 minute lesson. You also need not to book in advance. Just show up.

The lessons are from 10:00 to 11:30 on the second, third, and fourth Wednesday and Saturday of every month. The place is called Itoshima-shi Jinken Center (糸島市人権センター). Here’s a map with it and the nearest station (Chikuzen Maebaru) marked.

Here’s their website. Feel free to contact about any information I might have left out. And happy learning!