Ella Carroll


Ella Carroll, more commonly known as ‘Beany’, is a multidisciplinary artist and curator based in Melbourne, Australia. Her work combines digital and traditional mediums primarily featuring her character ‘Beany’, a rabbit first found in a 2014 diary entry. Beany’s works are dreamlike, colourful and cosy, like an imaginary friend.Ella works primarily with acrylic, sculpture and digital design, but also regularly creates furniture, metalwork, soldered jewellery, resin figurines, rugs and more.Beany typically creates mundane and everyday scenes, like changing your sheets or walking to the shops for milk and eggs – there is beauty in everything you do if you look for it!
Beany’s work has expanded from personalised commissions to company logos, store fitouts, curating large scale exhibitions, event posters for festivals, murals and more.

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