Monthly Archives: August 2016

Current artists joined our Summer Art Event held on Aug 21(Sun) 2016


There was a special annual event called “Studio Kura Summer Art” for kids and the parents at the Fukae beach (30 mins by bike from Studio Kura) on Aug 21(Sun), our current artist Cathy and Lindsey, Gavin and Kieth from 3dsense Media School team joined and had a lovely time!



At the event, kids first made a “Summer Globe” like a snow globe. Every kids worked very hard and artists also helped!
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Announcing Nancy Ryan Keeling’s Exhibition “BEYOND: LIFE, DEATH & GRIEF”


We are happy to announce BEYOND: LIFE, DEATH & GRIEF, an exhibition by Nancy Ryan Keeling, as a result of her activity during her stay at Studio Kura.

Nancy Ryan Keeling is a self taught photographer. Her work explores how people cope with traumas in life and how they follow spiritual paths to make peace with their grief. She takes an unapologetic approach with the camera, as she delves into the dark places, of the human condition.

Her photography brings attention to people, who might not otherwise have a voice. Nancy’s work has been exhibited in the “Black Lives Matter” movement in USA and Poland .
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Announcing Wenting Tao’s Exhibition “Midori”

We are happy to announce Midori, an exhibition by Wenting Tao, as a result of her activity during her stay at Studio Kura.

Wenting Tao is an art student at Swarthmore College, PA, USA. At Swarthmore she studied photography, painting and graphic design, and has held school level solo exhibitions.

She is interested in the exploring pictorial gestures with temperamental qualities, and how certain honest treatments of common faults like vulgarity, disgrace and fear can serve as a remedy to the modern mind’s illusions of perfectionism, refusal of mortality and denial of ego.
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