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Announcing Isabelle Kawai Vincent’s Exhibition “Wabi Sabi Neko “

We are pleased to announce Wabi Sabi Neko, an exhibition by Isabelle Kawai Vincent, as a result of her activity during her stay at Studio Kura on December 24 (Sat) & 25 (Sun).

Isabelle Kawai Vincent is a visual artist based in Shepparton, a country town 2 hours north west from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
Isabelle creates her work by choosing which medium that will express the concept in the most meaningful expression. Therefore her artwork ranges from relief printing, photography, painting, works on paper and mix medium.
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Announcing George Liu Zhen’s Exhibition “The Ocean Is Really Blue”

We are pleased to announce The Ocean Is Really Blue, an exhibition by George Liu Zhen, as a result of his activity during his stay at Studio Kura on December 24 (Sat) & 25 (Sun).

George Liu Zhen, a Chinese artist based in Singapore, makes paintings, which explore the conflict he sees between individuality and modern culture. Looking back at his younger days in an environment of discipline and repression, Liu’s current art research looks at the fears surrounding the lack of self-expression and the presence of self-consciousness in the context of modern sociology.
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Announcing Neuneu Woo’s Exhibition “Tiny significance”

We are pleased to announce Tiny significance, an exhibition by Neuneu Woo, as a result of her activity during her stay at Studio Kura on December 24 (Sat) & 25 (Sun).

Neuneu Woo is a Chinese designer and artist based in Singapore. She received her Bachelor’s degrees in Advertising in 2010 at SHNU and Design Communication in 2015 at Lasalle College of the Arts.
Underlying her current practice is her interest in examining everyday objects that are closely connected with our modern life and revealing the relationship between people and material culture. Her work encourages viewers to look at common objects from uncommon perspectives — no utility required, and see the world differently, through the lens of the objects redesigned to fulfil certain needs that are driven by the modern life and society.
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Announcing Gabrielle Zimmermann’s Exhibition „In-between“

We are pleased to announce „In-between“, an exhibition by Gabrielle Zimmermann, as a result of her activity during her stay at Studio Kura on December 24 (Sat) & 25 (Sun).

The theoretical background of Gabrielle Zimmermann, who holds an M.A. in Art History and Comparative Literature, appears often in her primarily conceptual works, realized always with a touch of irony. Working in a variety of media, at times taking her own body as her source material, Gabrielle Zimmermann, from her beginnings as an artist, has posed questions about the individual and its “image” and the cultural/political/philosophical dynamics effecting them.

Inspired by a wide range of philosophical and aesthetic issues—from Dada to existentialism, Lacan to Zen—she began to show her work in 2005, and since then has appeared in a variety of one-person and group shows, moving from pure video works to mixed media installations with sound and performance.
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Announcing Linsey Walker’s Exhibition “Wandering: Cyanotypes from Itoshima”

We are happy to announce Wandering: Cyanotypes from Itoshima, an exhibition by Linsey Walker, as a result of his activity during his stay at Studio Kura on December 24 (Sat) & 25 (Sun).

Linsey Walker is a photographic artist, drawn to the documentary style of photography. He doesn’t pre-visualize his images, but rather finds them through the process of wandering. Landscapes, architecture, and lost and lonely objects often inspire him. He seeks to capture the essence, or soul, of his subjects, and tries to steer clear of romantic clichés and show local flavour without compromising his subjects to cultural stereotypes.
His process is intuitive in nature, and his work is a reflection of self in response to place.
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Artists enjoyed watching Blindfolded Female Sumo event at Shrine nearby Studio Kura!

Our current residence artists enjoyed watching the Bellows Festival: Blindfolded Female Sumo (Fuigo Matsuri: Mekakushi Onna Zumo ふいご大祭・目隠し女相撲) at Masue Goro Inari Shrine nearby Studio Kura today!


Blindfold Female Sumo is told that it begun after the end of the war by praying for bumper crop, and expressing the difficulty of passing through by hiding the eyes and taking sumo wrestling.

A sumo referee with gorgeous Kimono

Sumo is normally played by men, however at this event, the players were shifted to women as there were so many injured players when men used to.

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Announcing Carla Cañellas’s Exhibition “(DECODING) Material games from the data base world.”

We are happy to announce (DECODING) Material games from the data base world., an exhibition by Carla Cañellas, as a result of her activity during her stay at Studio Kura.

Carla Cañellas is a visual artist based in Madrid, her work is focused on painting and educational workshops, but she is also interested in the use of other mediums to narrate stories: video, installation, drawing, etc.
She is graduated with a BA + MA in Fine Art from the UPV, Valencia, Spain, and she has been part of the painting workshops in the Estudio Arjona, Madrid, Spain. She has had numerous solo exhibitions in Europe and she has participated in international festivals.

Here are some words from the artist herself.

(DECODING) proposes a visual and artistic analysis of the concept of identity with the encounter of mass media and the new uses of technology, like the social networks, plus a couple of pieces that mixes a traditional games with the constructions of the digital identity.

Carla Cañellas “(DECODING) Material games from the data base world.”
Date: December 17 (Saturday) & 18 (Sunday), 11:00 to 19:00, free entrance
* We will hold an artist talk on Saturday the 17th, starting at 15:00.
* The exhibition by other current residence artists will be held on December 24(Sat) & 25(Sun).