Monthly Archives: September 2013

Our new Android app: MidoriPaintingSoft

Hi! This is Hiro.
I collaborated on the development of an Android app with our programming student Midori (3rd grade). It’s called MidoriPaintingSoft, and you can download it from Google Play. It is made using only Processing.

You can open a photo and draw on it, or use it to keep your handwritten notes. It’s a free download so please give it a try!

Announcing Ali Hanoon and Vidya Andarikha’s Double Exhibition

Spanish photographer Ali Hanoon and Indonesian digital artist Vidya Andarikha’s work will be shown at Studio Kura Gallery from this weekend. Both artists have been staying at Studio Kura since the beginning of September, taking part in our artist in residence program.
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Announcing Ali Hanoon’s Photography Workshop

We are happy to announce Spanish photographer Ali Hanoon’s photography workshop at Studio Kura. As a fun fact, he is Spanish like me and translation to and from Japanese will be trivial. Not that I don’t enjoy using the English language!

Ali will talk about his work, then we will go and take pictures around Studio Kura (it’s a beautiful place), and then we will come back, see everyone’s pictures, and exchange opinions with Ali.

Be it a reflex or a cellphone, I bet everyone has a camera. Wouldn’t you like to try new things with it? Ali will share his tech and his sense with us!

Ali Hanoon Photography Workshop
Teacher: Ali Hanoon (Profile)
Place: Studio Kura
Target: From kids to adults
Date and time: September 27th, 2013 15:00~17:00
Fee: 1,500 yen
You should take with you: A camera (a cellphone is OK too)

Report of open kura: it rained all four days

Hi! This is Hiro.
Today I’m writing about a group exhibition we held at some places in Studio Kura’s surroundings. Every day the exhibition was on it rained, and a typhoon almost came to this area too, but many people came anyway and we really appreciated that.

We opened on August 24th and it was like this.

The opening tour started in the middle of a heavy rain. We started with just six people.
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