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Announcing: Boris Tsui&Davin Tan’s Exhibition “I² Image Itoshima”

Flyer Exhibition
Boris Tsui&Davin Tan’s Exhibition “I² Image Itoshima”

We are happy to announce “I² Image Itoshima”, an exhibition by Boris Tsui and Davin Tan, in which they will show work they did during her residence at Studio Kura.

There are from Singapore and were selected for the 3dsense-Kura Artistic Residency Award by 3dsense Media School. They stayed for a month to do their work at Studio Kura.

In exhibition, their drawings and animation, which was got inspiration from “Itoshima”, will be shown.
Please come and see their works.

Title: 「I² Image Itoshima」

Boris Tsui&Davin Tan

Date: 2015/JUNE/11~6/14 11~19:00
FREE entrance.

Place:Studio Kura Gallery
Masue 586 Nijo Itoshima
Fukuoka, Japan

Opening Party
We will hold an opening party on Thursday 11th JUNE, starting at 15:00.

We are all looking forward to meeting you there!!

Kid’s art school exhibition Just finished.

Hello, this is Takuya Kusu.

We held a Kid’s school Exhibition at Ito Local Museum.
It was quite surprising how many paintings there were.


Each work has each own characters and they delivers a power by looking at them.
why dont you join us and enjoy those paintings with us.
They are all waiting for you.

The fourth Studio Kura Art school exhibition
Open Hours:9:00-17:00

contact: Studio Kura Art school

Aplikasi Android Baru Kami: MidoriPaintingSoft

Let’s spend a post sharing Antariksa’s Indonesian translation for one of our posts. We really appreciate this, Antariksa!

Hai! Ini Hiro.
Saya berkolaborasi mengembangkan aplikasi Android dengan salah satu siswa pemograman kami, Midori (kelas 3 SD). Nama aplikasi ini adalah MidoriPaintingSoft, dan Anda bisa mengunduhnya dari Google Play. Aplikasi ini dibuat hanya dengan menggunakan Processing.

Anda bisa membuka foto dan menggambar di atasnya, atau menggunakannya untuk catatan tulisan tangan. Aplikasi ini bisa diunduh gratis, jadi cobalah!

Our new Android app: MidoriPaintingSoft

Hi! This is Hiro.
I collaborated on the development of an Android app with our programming student Midori (3rd grade). It’s called MidoriPaintingSoft, and you can download it from Google Play. It is made using only Processing.

You can open a photo and draw on it, or use it to keep your handwritten notes. It’s a free download so please give it a try!