Studio Kura Kitchen


Studio Kura Kitchen is a venture under Studio Kura, launched in 2019. Saori Matsuzaki (b. 1979, in Hyogo, Japan) holds cooking classes using mainly local ingredients from Itoshima and introduces Japanese home cooking to people from abroad.

She was in Berlin, Germany in 2008, working as a kind of private chef, going to German families and cooking for them. It’s mostly Japanese food. After returning to Japan, she married Hirofumi Matsuzaki who ran an artist-in-residence, and came to Fukuoka. She spent time with many foreign artists and started her current activity of introducing Japanese home cooking.

The experience of living in a foreign country and spending time with many foreigners over meals has given her a special knowledge. For example, she knows what kinds of vegetables foreigners like to eat, and what foods most people dislike. Also, the type of Japanese food that can be recreated in other countries, and how to serve it in a presentable way.

She’s careful to use ingredients that are in season. Use a lot of vegetables. Use as many Itoshima ingredients as possible. Because Itoshima is a treasure trove of delicious foods. Fish, meat, vegetables and even salt and soy sauce are all produced in Itoshima.

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You can check her cooking class here.


Your request is accepted. For example, vegan menus, allergy support, requests for specific Japanese food such as ramen or tempura, or even shopping together. etc.

Price List

Best recommendation.

Shokado Bento: 7,700 yen per person(Beautiful Japanese bento boxes with Matcha)

Takoyaki or Okonomiyaki or Vegan Ramen(light meal): 3,300 yen per person

Full Course Japanese Cuisine: 11,000 yen per person

Special requests: Decided in consultation