Eliza Williams



独立したアーティスト、大企業、小規模ビジネスのプロジェクトに携わり、ローリング・ストーンズ、Spotify UK、ワーナー・レコード、フランキー・マガジンなど、世界中のクライアントのために仕事をしてきたエリザは、グローバルに活動しています。


Eliza Williams A.K.A Doolittle Illustrations is an Australian illustrator, multidisciplinary artist whose work takes on many different forms combining both digital and traditional mediums to create an immersive gateway into colourful little worlds to escape to and explore. Eliza creates these dreamy worlds through installation, animation, illustration, clothing, paintings and more! 

In the future Eliza aims to create more tangible and experiential art. 

Working across projects for independent artists, large companies and small businesses Eliza has worked globally for clients such as The Rolling Stones, Spotify Uk, Warner Records, Frankie Magazine and many more! 

During her time at Studio Kura Eliza hopes to develop her skills further through making wearable art and creating works based on her experiences and passions. Using this time to really focus on her personal work and to expand her practice. 

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