Studio Kura’s location and environment

Studio Kura is located at Fukuoka Prefecture’s Itoshima Municipality, a rural area with a healthy environment and just 45 minutes away from Fukuoka City by train or car.

Studio Kura related buildings

  • Kura No. 1: Once silos for rice storage, these two antique buildings are now reformed to host workshops exhibitions, performances and installations. The house behind them is more than a hundred years old.
  • Kura No. 2
  • The studio: a 40 meters square modern building with a painting studio and an office, both of which the artist is welcome to use.
  • Residence House 1: a traditional two-story Japanese house reserved for the artists’ private life.
  • Residence House 2: a traditional two-story Japanese house reserved for the artists’ private life.
  • Inari Shrine Event Space: a Shinto shrine we use for performances and art installations.

Walking distance

  • Studio Kura
  • A yakitori restaurant
  • The sea
  • The mountain
  • Many nearby Shinto shrines
  • The rice fields
  • JR Ikisan Station, where you can ride the train to Fukuoka (see below)

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Bicycle distance

Feel free to borrow a bicycle from the studio! You will find:

  • Studio Kura
  • Grocery and other stores
  • Convenience stores
  • Restaurants
  • Post office
  • Fukae Jinja (Shinto shrine)
  • Onsen (hot springs spa)
  • Fukae Beach

Train distance (Fukuoka)


The train will take you from JR Ikisan Station to central Fukuoka in 45 minutes, or to Fukuoka Airport in 55 minutes. In Fukuoka youcan find virtually anything, for instance:

  • Museums, galleries and libraries
  • Art material shops
  • Almost any kind of restaurant or shop you may be looking forward to
  • Many other inspiring and touristic places

How to come to Studio Kura

You can read about how to get to Studio Kura from Fukuoka Airport or from Hakata Station here: