Studio Kura’s environment and community

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The studio is in a very rural area in Fukuoka Prefecture, yet it is not too far to go to the city when needed. Artists work surrounded by rice fields, mountains and the sea. Artists may also feel free to have fresh eggs from our chickens every day.

We have a thriving creative community in the studio, with many local people of all ages coming every other day to learn or work on their projects. They are usually very open and supportive to guest artists.

Some of the Studio Kura people:

  • Hiro
    Hirofumi Matsuzaki (Japan)
    Artist, Studio Kura founder.
    “Enjoy working on your project in the wonderfully natural environment of Itoshima.”
  • Katsura Ishikawa
    Katsura Ishikawa (Japan)
    Residence Coordinator
    “Be curious and explore this wonderful Itoshima. Through our AIR program, you will gain unforgettable experiences and friendships by adjusting yourself! This could be a perfect place to think about yourself, your current life and of course your work.”
  • Ale
    Alejandro Cremades (Spain)
    Electronic and digital arts.
    “We’re looking forward to meeting you and your project!”

Some of Studio Kura’s activities

  • Art workshops
  • Exhibitions
  • Art projects
    • Itoshima Arts Farm
      Ito Arts Farm
      An international art festival held in Itoshima with exhibitions and continued residencies, workshops, discussion events and research.
    • Lab members use Processing, Arduino and other electronic and digital tools to create art, smartphone applications, etc.