Report of open kura: it rained all four days

Hi! This is Hiro.
Today I’m writing about a group exhibition we held at some places in Studio Kura’s surroundings. Every day the exhibition was on it rained, and a typhoon almost came to this area too, but many people came anyway and we really appreciated that.

We opened on August 24th and it was like this.

The opening tour started in the middle of a heavy rain. We started with just six people.

We visited Nigel’s exhibition at Hanatolife. He’s still in residence working on his Hakuro project.

Then we went to Studio Kura to enjoy Mexican duo Roxana Valdez and Fabian Landgrave’s performance. It was a piece of work based on Mexican myths. A beautiful performance coupled with mystic sounding music.

More people started to come, so many that some of them had to stand up.

Miss Kuwano, who did the cafe at Itoshima Arts Farm last year, brought some bagels from her bakery. We had them with vegetables from our own fields. They were delicious!
Thank you to Miss Nishihara and Mr Haruta for selling the bagels for us!

After enjoying our snack, we went to the Japanese hall to watch Miss Okahara’s movie.

Then we went to the residence house’s garage to see Hiroyuki Nishio’s drawings. We were redoing the walls for this space until the day before the exhibition, and we turned it into a white cube!

I showed my work outside of the house.

We went to the shrine under the heavy rain. Kenji Makizono had a sound installation in the shrine, and Chihiro Nishimura had her installation in the shrine’s kitchen.

At half past seven, dancer Natsuko Tezuka performed for us. Her dance started out of nowhere, and after some time people started noticing. It was too good. I can’t express such greatness in pictures…

It was an event about enjoying art while walking around. I would like to continue this so that it is easier for people to enjoy art.

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