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Kenji Makizono Talks About AiR Experience in Chittagong, Bangladesh

Hi! This is Ale translating Hiro’s blog post.

Kenji Makizono, the hope of Itoshima’s art scene, just came back from a two-month residence in Bangladesh. And he will be talking about it at Studio Kura. Please come and meet the new, powered up Kenji! I think he will tell us a lot of interesting things, and he will also make Bangladeshi curry for us.
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Report of open kura: it rained all four days

Hi! This is Hiro.
Today I’m writing about a group exhibition we held at some places in Studio Kura’s surroundings. Every day the exhibition was on it rained, and a typhoon almost came to this area too, but many people came anyway and we really appreciated that.

We opened on August 24th and it was like this.

The opening tour started in the middle of a heavy rain. We started with just six people.
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