Michaelann Tostanoski 




My work radiates from a lifelong fascination with nature and a deep respect for the earth. I am possessed by the awareness that I, as an artist, have a unique gift of vision that allows me to truly see what I am looking at and a sense that artists, as visionaries, have a responsibility to make people aware of the beauty in the world and also to perceive the consequences of human interactions with the earth. These conditions drive me to create works of art that communicate my observations.

Although the majority of my work is inspired by the same set of conditions, the work itself can take the form of the pure celebration of that which delights me about nature, fleeting impressions of those things that mystify me about life, or social commentary motivated by my conservationist concerns for the planet.

I am predominantly a ceramist by training, but am also drawn to many other forms of expression, most notably print-making, drawing and sculpture. Over the course of my experience with art-making, I have come to consider all media and techniques to be valid elements of a rich language with which to speak my ideas.

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