Hiro’s Work Displayed at Hakata Hankyu Until 18th February

Hi, this is aya.
I am translating a blog article about Hiro’s art work displaying at Hakata Hankyu’s entrance (original Japanese article).

Merry X’mas to all.
This is Hiro, recently I haven’t had enough sleep… I got a pimple for the first in many years and i rubbed my car. So troublesome.
Additionally, things happened when I was setting my work at the site.
First, my art did not fit into the space. Second, I tried to fix them to fit and then the strings came off. Third, the panel was bent and fourth, the pole was too short… and so on.
Those 3 hours working at night were the worst artwork setup in my life.
Lots of thanks to all people who helped me.

The screen of my Nexus 7 tablet broke when my wife sat on it accidentally, and the screen of my Nexus 5 broke as well when I dropped it.
However, when one door shuts another one opens.
My father won a Nexus 7 as a prize! and gave it to me!
Thanks to everyone!

Anyway, my art work can be seen at Hankyu entrance. Please take a look and enjoy. Don’t look from too close.


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