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Hiro Takes Part in konya2023 New Year’s art mart —Treasure Ship—

Hi! This is Ale translating a blog post from Hiro.

Happy new year! I hope this will be a great year for everyone. My aim for this year is to become a master scheduler. I know it’s against my nature, but I’m going to give it a try. If you ever see me underprepared, please feel free to lecture me.

And I, Hirofumi Matsuzaki, am taking part in konya2023 New Year’s art mart —Treasure Ship—, a group exhibition organized by konya gallery. Please come to see it if you’re in Fukuoka City!

konya2023 New Year’s art mart —Treasure Ship—
Dates: January 5-19, 2014; 12:00-19:00
(Admission free every day)
Place: konya-gallery (2F 1-14-28, Daimyo, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka see on Google Maps)
Director: Hatsune Miyamoto / ART BASE 88
Organizer: Travel Front 092-984-6292

Talk session
Theme: Fukuoka’s contemporary art scene
Date: January 11, 19:00 start
Fee: ¥500- *voluntary
Guests: Sachiko Shoji (curator at Fukuoka art museum), Chisato Tanaka (artist)
Moderator : Hatsune Miyamoto
(The talk will be conducted in Japanese only)

Hiro’s Work Displayed at Hakata Hankyu Until 18th February

Hi, this is aya.
I am translating a blog article about Hiro’s art work displaying at Hakata Hankyu’s entrance (original Japanese article).

Merry X’mas to all.
This is Hiro, recently I haven’t had enough sleep… I got a pimple for the first in many years and i rubbed my car. So troublesome.
Additionally, things happened when I was setting my work at the site.
First, my art did not fit into the space. Second, I tried to fix them to fit and then the strings came off. Third, the panel was bent and fourth, the pole was too short… and so on.
Those 3 hours working at night were the worst artwork setup in my life.
Lots of thanks to all people who helped me.
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Hiro interviewed on Magazinehouse’s web magazine Colocal

Magazinehouse’s web magazine Colocal featured both Studio Kura and Itoshima Arts Farm. You can read a lot about Hiro’s experience since he decided to begin this project. Please give it a read if you can understand Japanese.

Art at the rice paddies!? Local community connects art and agriculture

Here’s an excerpt translated to English:

The Arts Farm means building a place for people to meet, and then create something together.
This may result in agriculturists becoming artists, and artists becoming agriculturists. Or it may not. It’s OK to have different cases.

I would be happy if our community and society became half agriculture, half something else.
A place where agriculturists and artists coexist.
I like the idea of creative blood mixing into the community of a rural, agricultural place.
Itoshima Arts Farm is an art festival created by both the community and the artists, using art as a medium to show Itoshima’s everyday sights such as food and agriculture.
Two artists a month are staying at Itoshima and next year is already almost complete.

Kolom Hirofumi Matsuzaki untuk Asahi Art Festival (Bahasa Indonesia)

Let’s spend a post sharing Antariksa’s Indonesian translation for the column Hirofumi Matsuzaki wrote for Asahi Art Festival. Thank you very much, Antariksa! (the English translation is here)

Baru-baru ini Hiro menulis kolom tentang Program Seniman Residensi Studio Kura untuk Asahi Art Festival, jariangan yang berupaya menghubungkan banyak proyek seni di Jepang. Berikut ini adalah terjemahan Bahasa Indonesianya. Semoga Anda bisa lebih memahami program residensi kami.

Setelah lulus kuliah di Hiroshima, saya menetap di Jerman selama lima tahun sebagai seniman. Selagi bisa, saya selalu berusaha untuk mengikuti sebanyak mungkin program residensi seniman di Eropa.
Saya sedikit iri dengan orang-orang Eropa yang menghidupi kota mereka dengan seni, jadi ketika saya memutuskan kembali ke kampung halaman saya di Itoshima, saya pikir saya akan berupaya menumbuhkan lingkungan seni sebelum saya mencipta karya saya sendiri. Jadi saya memutuskan untuk menetapkan fondasi. Belajar dari residensi-residensi yang pernah saya ikuti, saya pikir fondasi itu seharusnya berupa suatu tempat di mana seniman berkumpul dan berkreasi, mencipta hubungan-hubungan baru dengan tempat itu.
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