Summary of 2013 Residence Artists

2013 is almost ending.
In 2013, 16 artists stayed at Studio Kura and took part in the Studio Kura Residence Program.
They are all fantastic and energetic, and they shared their energy with us.

Many things happened through 2013.
I am so thankful to all neighbors, Studio Kura staff, Studio Kura students and Itoshima Arts Farm staff.
In 2014, we would like to provide even better information and services.
I appreciate your continuous support.

February 2013, Tess Kelly (Australia)

She attended an Itoshima Arts Farm trip, gave a photography workshop, and held an exhibition called Itoshima, for now.

April 2013, Paul Nicholson (England)

An animator based in London, visited MontBlanc Pictures Co.,Ltd. and also gave a character design workshop. His exhibition was titled ”It’s…Product, Yes!!”.

May 2013, Peter Granser (Austria)

A photographer based in Stuttgart, held a talk show at Konya and did a workshop at Kyushu University. His exhibition was titled Schatten Felder.
During his stay, he gave t’ai chi ch’uan lessons at Studio Kura.

May 2013, Bernhard Sitompul (Indonesia, The 3dsense-Kura Artistic Residency Award)

Read about his show

An Indonesian born 3D modeling artist based in Singapore, he won the 3dsense-Kura Artistic Residency Award. He did a talk show.

June 2013, Bissan Rafe (USA)

An artist and doctor based in Houston(USA), held a workshop about making a picture book, a talk show and also her exhibtion Water Waves Fairytales.

JULY 2013 Christopher Jones (England)

A lecturer at Newcastle University’s School of Arts & Cultures, Chris gave a spatial drawing workshop and held his exhibition for the silo.

July 2013, Alan Cernak (USA)

Alan is an artist who has his studio in Pennsylvania’s GoggleWorks, USA’s largest art center. He held an origami workshop and his exhibition Ugokigami.

July 2013, Meri Nikula (Finland)

This was her second visit since 2009. She did a concert and gave her workshop Voicing your body.

August 2013, Nigel Bennet (UK/USA)

This was his second visit since 2012, thanks to the help of the Asian Cultural Council. He took place in the group exhibition open kura.

September 2013, Vidya Andarikha (Indonesia, The 3dsense-Kura Artistic Residency Award)

An animator born in Indonesia and currently based in Singapore, she held an exhibition.

September 2013, Ali Hanoon (Spain)

A photographer based in Spain, Ali held a photography workshop and showed his work in his exhibition Itoshima to Nokonoshima.

October 2013, Pia Johnson (Australia)

A photographer based in Australia, she got support from the In-Habit International program. She did a photography workshop at Kyushu University and an artist talk show. She also showed her work in her exhibition Fragile Light.

November 2013, Suyeon Na (Korea)

A South Korean artist currently based in New York, she held her exhibition Life is Everywhere.

November 2013, Hannah Quinlivan (Australia)

An Australian artist currently based in Campbell, she held her exhibition Penumbra. Local dancers performed at the opening party.

December 2013, Erin Robinson Grant (USA)

A new media artist currently residing in Portland (Oregon, USA), her exhibition was titled misPlaced.

December 2013, Thomas Hadland (Australia)

A photographer from Australia, Newcastle, He held his Exhibition Ethereal.

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