How to get to Studio Kura

Hi! This is Ale.

I’m writing a post to explain in detail how to get to Studio Kura from Fukuoka Airport or from Hakata Station (where the Shinkansen bullet train stops). I’m going to be very thorough but please don’t feel intimidated by the wall of text. It’s actually quite simple and you will get around by just asking for Ikisan, the nearest station to Studio Kura, and letting people help you.

Ikisan Station

It’s a 50 minute train ride to Ikisan. You can ride the subway at Fukuoka Airport or Hakata, and a number of trains each hour will go all the way to Ikisan. It is important to check the suitable times so that you don’t need to change trains, but you can’t really go wrong by riding the subway — it only goes one way from the airport, and in Hakata any train that isn’t going to the airport will be OK.

To check the train times in English, we recommend searching Hyperdia. On the results, it will look like you’d have to change trains at Meinohama, but you don’t even need to get off your train. It looks like this just because the line changes names, and the fare is split because different companies run them.

Now that you know the time you need to ride the train at, I’ll explain how to get a ticket. First, the fare (650 yen from Hakata and 680 yen from Fukuoka Airport) is split between two companies but you can still get one ticket including everything. Tickets must be purchased at the vending machines, which have an English language option, and you will have to indicate that you will be transferring to the JR Chikuhi Line before choosing your fare and paying for your ticket. The subway employees will be happy to help with this process or to look up the right time for you to ride the train.

At some times of the day, the last stop of the train will be Chikuzen Maebaru, 10 minutes short of Ikisan. These times you do need to get off the train and ride the next one going in the right direction (trains heading for anywhere but Fukuoka Airport). Some times your train will be waiting for you on the opposite side of the platform and will depart in one minute, and other times you will have to change platforms and wait for 10 to 15 minutes.

Ikisan Station as viewed from the platform

Once you get to Ikisan, we will pick you. Of course, during the weeks previous to your trip we will talk about the times and everything. But in the end we will ask you to call our number from the payphone at the station once you get there. Our number is: 092-325-1773

Please leave a comment or contact us on any questions. I will be happy to help. We can’t wait to meet you!

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