Learn English with Charlie

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Hi! This is Ale. One of the people staying with us, Charlie Bolton, has over two years experience in teaching English as a second language to students all ages. He would be happy to teach some lessons while he is in Itoshima, so feel free to contact us (in Japanese or English) if you are […]


Mel Cheong’s Experience : Japanese paper making workshop

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HI, this is AYAKO from STUDIO KURA! This is the report from Mr. KUSU!!! I translate into ENGLISH and sharing His&residence artist experience here~! ↓here, it is his report!!!! enjoy reading!!!! ___________________________________________________________________________ Hello, How are you, everyone? this is TAKUYA KUSU, one of staff at STUDIO KURA. I am experiencing my first winter in ITOSHIMA… […]

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Announcing: Marsha McDonald’s Workshop

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Hi! This is Ale. But not the one on the picture! That’s Marsha McDonald, an artist from the USA based in Wisconsin who works across the fields of painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, film, and writing. We are planning Marsha’s exhibition for October 25, and she will be giving a workshop on the same day. Marsha […]