Philippe’s Yin Yoga Class: guided by the sound of the Kantélé

HI, This is Ayako.

Yesterday, a musician from FrancePhilippe Beer Gabel just arrived.
He is a yoga teacher and will give us a Class on Feb 8th(SUN) at Studio Kura.

Philippe's Yin Yoga

Yin yoga is a part of the original hatha yoga tradition. In this practice we don’t use the body to get into the pose but the pose to get into the body.

Philippe Beer Gabel is a Yoga Alliance USA certified yoga teacher. He teaches in Paris in various studios. Sole player of the Kantele in France, the national instrument of Finland, he gathers his passion for music and yoga practice.

It will start at 3pm, please bring your self and enjoy music as well as stretching your body.
The class is FREE!!! Don’t miss this chance!!!!

We are all looking forward to meeting you here!

[Yoga Class guided by the sound of the Kantélé]
Philippe Beer Gabel
FEB 8th 15:00〜16:30
092-325-1773 Matsuzaki

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