Report: Ali Hanoon’s Photography Workshop

Hi! This is Ale.
Today I’m writing about the workshop Spanish photographer Ali Hanoon gave at Studio Kura last month.

2013-09-27 16.07.58

Ali uses an old film camera for which you really need to know how to use the settings, so it was great to learn from him. The concepts are useful in digital photography too, so after learning this everybody was able to take better pictures.

2013-09-27 15.31.35

First, Ali talked about his work up to this point, and then explained the concepts of aperture, focal distance, etc. That meant lots of vocabulary, but people were very happy to learn new ways to use the cameras they already had.

2013-09-27 16.06.16

After that, we went outside and everyone took a landscape, a portrait and a detail shot. Then we got to try setting Ali’s camera! It is always great to learn new uses for an already known tool, and everybody felt rewarded in a way. Thanks to all participants, and to Ali Hanoon!

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