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Announcing Julie Forgues’s Exhibition “before scape / after land = in-betweens”

We are happy to announce before scape / after land = in-betweens, an exhibition by Julie Forgues, in which she will show work she did during her residence at Studio Kura.

After a May residency at Red Gate Residency in Beijing, China, Canadian
visual artist Julie Forgues will continue at Kura Studio her ongoing study
with the photographic of “in-betweens” sites; before-places and
after-spaces in limbo.

She has been a faculty member of the Department des arts visuels of
Université de Moncton since 2000 as a photography professor. This residency
is funded by a partnership between the New Brunswick Arts Board and the
Sheila Hugh MacKay Foundation (pilot project for International Creative
Residency 2015).

Here are some words from the artist herself.

before scape / after land = in-betweens reveals sites that are neither culture nor nature, but sites in waiting: waiting to be altered, waiting to be acknowledged, waiting to be land-scapes. Green specks are superimposed on the photographic images – that are deprived of color – suggesting “the perfect natural color”, the pure nature, the untamed nature. These blotches are themselves sites, as they produce lingering in-betweens waiting to be naturally re-enveloped or remodelled into a place of value. The green also represents the Japanese monochrome environment with green patches that appear here and there as rice fields, forests, home gardens, etc. By superimposing the green ink spots to the black and white images, a new in-between is formed as if the color is overtaking the image, but is waiting to do so. These images are though in a state of limbo, of in-betweens.

Julie Forgues before scape / after land = in-betweens
Date: June 27 (Saturday) to June 28 (Sunday), 11:00 to 19:00, free entrance
* We will hold an opening party on Saturday the 27th, starting at 15:00.

Announcing Zack Zook’s Exhibition “On Fear / Ring of Fire”

We are happy to announce On Fear / Ring of Fire, an exhibition by Zack Zook, in which he will show work he did during his residence at Studio Kura.

Zook is an American photographer based in Brooklyn, New York City. He was the founder and executive editor of Cousin Corinne’s Reminder, an annual art publication featuring international photography, literature, and painting, and he was the literary events and development director at BookCourt from 2005-2014.

Here are some words from the artist himself.

My work as a photographer is rooted in affection for urbanized Street Photography, which I began producing in New York City as a child. My work in portraiture, nature, and in the studio, is influenced by this perspective and therefor strives to capture scenes that expose viewers to contradictions in human expectations. I shoot using Nikon 35mm and Canon DSLR cameras. I use Nikkor and Zeiss lenses.

Zack Zook On Fear / Ring of Fire
On Fear: Portraiture, Street, Selected Series, and Poems.
Ring of Fire: Live Art Installation
Date: April 25 (Saturday) to April 30 (Thursday), 11:00 to 19:00, free entrance
* We will hold an opening party on Saturday the 25th, starting at 15:00.

Announcing: France Dubois’s exhibition “No Concept”

no concept

We are happy to announce a new exhibition from one of the artists in the Studio Kura residence program.

Belgian photographer France Dubois will show the results of her stay at Studio Kura. France is based in Brussels but travels all over the world taking pictures. She has worked in Japan before, having been invited last year to the Akiyoshidai Art Village.

At this exhibition, she will show many pictures taken during her stay at Itoshima. You can look forward to delicate and fresh pictures, not limited to a specific motif but portraying casual everyday scenes.

Below are some words from France herself.


No concept and formality.
Full freedom of thought and imagination to reveal the unexpected.
Poetry and intuition shape this photography work.

We would love to see you at the opening party.

France Dubois exhibition “No Concept”
Date: May 3rd to 6th; open from 11:00 to 19:00 (free entrance)
The opening party will be on May 3rd (Saturday), from 17:00.

Organized by: Studio Kura

Our New Artist in Residence, France Dubois, is Here

France Dubois will be staying at Studio Kura for two months starting in mid March. It’s her second time in Japan, having spent a residence last year at Akiyoshidai International Art Village. She is a young and energetic photographer based in Brussels, and her work has been shown all over the world. One of her main clients is la Monnaie / de Munt.
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Photographer Juliane Eirich Published her Book “Itoshima”

Hi! This is Ale translating a blog post by Hiro.
Juliane Itoshima book
German photographer Juliane Eirich stayed with us back in 2011, and recently published her book Itoshima with Berlin based publisher Peperoni Books. The photographs may depict scenes that are too natural for us living here. I know this place. And this one, too. But the way she looks at things is totally different.
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Announcing: Thomas Hadland’s solo exhibiton “Ethereal”

Hi, this is aya.

We are happy to announce Thomas Hadland’s solo exhibition Ethereal, he is an artist in residence at Studio Kura.

Thomas is a photographer from Australia, who is the youngest residence artists at Studio Kura ever. During his stay, he went outside with his camera at night and took photos of Itoshima’s night.

His photos are different from other artists’s work, which is mysterious and fascinating by appearing a light in photographs. When you open your eyes at night with quietness, the sight at night of Itoshima might be appeared like his work.

We would be very happy to meet you at this exhibition.

Thomas Hadland’s solo exhibiton 「Ethereal」
Dates: December 21-28 11:00-19:00 (Free entrance)
* There will be an opening party on the 21th at 17:00.
(Small finger foods will is also waiting for your visit!!)
Organized by: Studio Kura
Address: 福岡県糸島市二丈松末586
Train: JR Chikuhi Line, Ikisan Station (15 minute walk, we will give you a ride if you call us)
Contact: Studio Kura (Hirofumi Matsuzaki) 092-325-1773