Event View at Itoshima Spring Festival 2016 “Sakuraitoshimatsuri” : Kate Gorrie, Tara Benjamin-Morgan, Park Hyun Ji, Amjad Akash

The weather in Itoshima is getting warmer and more sunny these days!
Studio Kura was participated in the 2nd Sakuraitoshimatsuri 2016, Itoshima Spring Festival at Itoshima Shrine on March 20th. It was such a lovely day, perfect time for celebrating spring season!

Our current residence artists, Amjad Akash, Tara Benjamin-Morgan, Kate Gorrie and Park Hyun Ji also attended and helped this event, to give joyful workshops and great works specially for this event!

As we run kids art classes, Studio Kura produced an art installation showing kids’ sculptural works at the approach to the main shrine.

Park Hyun Ji from South Korea presented two unique workshops. She gave Brain stickers to visitors asking to write their current feeling and wishes and to attach on the Brain made of Itoshima phanbphlet. It was fun to know their feelings and to communicate with!

Then, she presented this big brain shared with others in the forest.

Kids drawing some birds on the scroll printed paintings. Hyun Ji made other 3 different backgrounds to be able to select other situations for kids.

Kate Gorrie from Australia and Tara Benjamin-Morgan from UK had colouring workshop for Kids.

Kids are so fascinated on that and tried 2-3 different colourings!

The board to show kids finished colourings. Over 20 kids joined this simple but fun workshop!

Kate showed bamboo installations. She found interesting that most of people tried to make a sound by swinging them.

Tara exhibited a collection of colourful cute mushrooms on the ground. This playful pieces gave extra surprise to people, lots of them took a picture of it!

Amjad Akash from Bangladesh also tied his installation piece. He normally works on painting, but this was great opportunity for him to make an installation and show it outside.

Adorable kids with their works.

We could receive very positive reaction from kids, their parents and visitors!

Some kids made imaginary animal pieces.

This seems they are walking in single file.

A large number of people visited this festival.

There are many street stalls, artists could enjoy many Japanese food.

Talk shows, music and dance live shows enhanced the atmosphere of the festival, too!

Thank you very much for visitors, festival staffs, kids and artists!

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