Report: Paul Nicholson’s Character Design Workshop

Hi! This is Ale.
Last Saturday we had Paul Nicholson’s workhsop and also his exhibition’s opening party. This post is about the workshop but you can expect another post about the exhibition soon.

2013-04-27 14.38.15
The workshop took place at a traditional Japanese house, so everybody felt relaxed and concentrated easily.

2013-04-27 14.37.07
It was a workshop about character design for animation, so Paul brought a lot of samples of great designs for us to learn from. He explained the basics and some more, and then we moved on to the practice.

2013-04-27 15.41.01
Everybody got an object for one of the exercises, and we had to turn it into a character.

2013-04-27 16.31.38
The last exercise consisted on designing a pair of contrasting characters that share a relationship of any sort. It was challenging but it also is where we learnt the most!

2013-04-27 15.55.15
It is worth noting that the workshop was enjoyed by children as well as animation professionals! Paul was very supportive and gave advice as well as ideas to everyone.

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