Report: Christopher Jones’s Solo Exhibition “for the silo”

We held Christopher Jones’s solo exhibition “for the silo” from July 20 to July 24. He got inspired by the kura (rice silo) in Studio Kura, and made many pieces of work specifically for the space, installing them around the interior, sometimes almost hidden – so the space was full of surprises.


Christopher, the author, teaches art at UK’s Newcastle University. You can see him here working on his pieces at the studio.

2013-07-13 17.58.16

And here they are, already installed at the kura. It was a very interesting exhibition to visit, as one could explore the space and find one piece at a time.

for the silo

for the silo

for the silo

During the opening party for the exhibition, Finnish performance artist Meri Nikula sang in response to Chris’s work, which was really interesting! You can read about her short-term residence here.

2013-07-20 17.40.56

Christopher Jones stayed at Studio Kura thanks to Newcastle University‘s endorsement.

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