open kura: a Group Exhibition

We are in the middle of a group exhibition called open kura. It started on the 24th and has been great so far even though it has been raining a lot.

open kura

Dates: 2013年8月24日(土)、25日(日)、31日(土)、9月1日(日)
Time: 11:00~18:00
Artists: Hirofumi Matsuzaki, Chihiro Nishimura, Hiroyuki Nishio, Masako Okahara, Kenji Makizono, Nigel Bennet, Roxana Valdez Gonzalez and Fabian Landgrave
Places: Studio Kura, Shimise’s Garage, Masue Gonkuro, hanatolife
Organization: Studio Kura Collaboration: Itoshima Arts Farm, Asian Cultural Council
Contact: Studio Kura (Hiro Matsuzaki) 092-325-1773
open kura Website (Japanese only)

Opening Tour

Date: August 24th (Saturday) 17:00
Performance: Roxana Valdez Gonzalez, Natsuko Tezuka
Details (Japanese only)

We are looking forward to this weekend too!

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