Artist in Residence Program in Fukuoka, Japan

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Studio Kura’s Artist in Residence Program is a chance for foreign artists to enjoy and draw inspiration from Japan’s rural environment, as well as for Studio Kura’s thriving local community to meet different artists and their work.

Residencies are usually four or eight weeks long, and they end with an exhibition at the Studio Kura Gallery. You are welcome to do a workshop to share with Studio Kura’s community. The program is open to applications. Feel free to apply through our application form.


Studio and accommodation

Accommodation consists on a traditional Japanese rural house, with a private toilet and kitchen. The two-story house is shared by up to three artists, each staying at a different room. The toilet and kitchen are shared.

The residence house’s garage is reformed into a studio you can use for your own work.

You are also welcome to use our office, which is just one minute away from the residence house. There is a wireless internet connection and a shower we recommend you use instead of the one at the residence house. You will also be able to meet a number of people who come to meet along the week.

Commonly scheduled activities

Around the first week of the month, we will take the artists on a tour around Itoshima. Then, the following week we will arrange a workshop for them to experience some kind of Japanese craft (i.e. washi, bonsai or tea ceremony).

On the last weekend before an artist going back home, we will usually hold their exhibition. An opening party will usually be scheduled for 15:00 on Saturday.

Fees and expenses

The artist will pay 80,000 JPY for each period of 4 weeks of stay. This means for an eight-week slot you will need to pay 160,000 JPY. The fee we take is actually 74,074 JPY, but we need to collect value-added tax which is currently 8% in Japan, adding to 80,000 JPY.

We need the artist to make a deposit of 10,000 JPY once he or she is accepted and a date for his or her residence is chosen. The rest of the payment for their stay can be paid in cash upon arrival. For example, if you are going to stay for four weeks with us you will need to pay 10,000 JPY as soon as we decide on the date for your residence, and 70,000 JPY once you arrive to Studio Kura. You will be paying 80,000 JPY total.

We do not have our own funding program, but artists are encouraged to apply for funding in their own countries. We try to make this easier by sharing a lot of information on our website and providing an invitation letter to accepted artists.

Living, transport and other expenses (including art materials) will be paid by the artist.

Residence slots for 2016

We are offering a number of eight-week slots and four-week slots for the year 2016. The duration and starting date of these slots are open to change, so feel free to ask about residences any other duration.

* Up to 2016, the fee is 70,000 JPY per four weeks.

Residence slots for 2017

We are offering a number of eight-week slots and four-week slots for the year 2017. The duration and starting date of these slots are open to change, so feel free to ask about residences any other duration.

The installations

Studio Kura Gallery (Kura #1)
Kura #1 — gallery
What kind of exhibition, installation or performance would you do here?

Kids’ art studio (Kura #2)
Kura #2 — studio
You will find children taking art classes here on weekends.

Painting class
Painting class
Meet local aspiring artists!

Studio Kura Gallery2 (old japanese house)

It has a kitchen, toilet, shower and wireless internet access.

Residence House #1
Residence house
Two-story building with kitchen and toilet.

Studio / gallery at Residence House #1

The garage at the residence house is reformed and used as a studio or gallery.

Residence House #2
2014-05-05 17.21.44
Two-story building with kitchen and toilet.

Studios at Residence House #2

3 ateliers available at Residence House #2

Art workshops with children
Art workshops with children
Experience creating with Japanese children!