Nicole Tay Hui Hsien

Nicole Tay Hui Hsien ニコール・テー・フゥイ・シエン (シンガポール) 2020年2月滞在

Nicole Tay Hui Hsien ニコール・テー・フゥイ・シエンは、コンセプトアートとデジタルイラストレーションを専門とする3dsense Media Schoolを去年卒業しました。 以前は、シンガポール国立大学でコミュニケーションとニューメディア科の学士号を取得、卒業して5年ほどグラフィックデザイナーとして活動していました。  

Nicole is self-taught in art prior to 3dsense. She greatly cherished the opportunities in the later years of her career to be the Lead Designer of the worldwide Empower21 Conference, having her artwork printed and displayed around Singapore EXPO. She was also made head designer of the CorpComms team in her workplace. Today, she regularly tables at conventions in Singapore and the United States, selling her artwork in the form of self-made merchandise.

At Studio Kura, Nicole intends to work on her own illustration fanzines with a fellow classmate at Studio Kura, as well as her own original YouTube series, Life’s Lemons, that she aims to release in the first quarter of 2020. She will also be working on the webtoon version of Life’s Lemons and aims to have it published online as well.