Neda Dana-Haeri

Neda Dana-Haeri ネダ・ダナ・ハアリ (英国) 2018年4月滞在

Neda Dana-Haeri ネダ・ダナ・ハアリ は イラン生まれ、1977年より英国在住。心理学とファインアーツを学び、現在はロンドンに在住しています。


Neda creates layers of colours and textures which reflect and refract the mythological, philosophical, and emotional worlds of poets. Her paintings whether on canvas, paper or wood frequently mix oil, acrylics, ink and other materials to create depth and complexity translated into simplicity as she brings memories, myths and poetry together.

Within and Without (2007)
No Unifying Demographics (2008)
More Better (2008)
Continuum (2009)
First Impressions (2009)
Light Dreams (2010)
Painting the Persian Book of the Kings Today (2010)
One Night with Rostam (2010)
Presence (2010)
Concerning Angels (2010)
And She Was (2011)
183 minutes (2011)
Promenade (2013)
View from Here (2013)
Unbound Expression, exhibition and book launch, Osborne Samuel Gallery (2013)
Promenade, Print show (2013)
Passages, 2 Women print show, Barbican Library, London (2014)
House On Fire (2014)
artsLIVE_ a Persian experience, Artist talk and show, Lyman Allyn Museum, New London, CT (2014)
This One Time, Griffis Art Center, New London, CT (2014)
Ellipse, Berlin (2016)
Where Was I , A & D Gallery,London (2016)
Resonances; Grace Belgravia (2017)
Castles in the Air Luftschlosser Poland, International Art Exhibition Mehrangarh Fort, Jodhpur India (2017)

Contemporary Art in the Middle East published by Black Dog Publishing (2009).
Painting the Persian Book of the Kings Today ; Published by Talking Tree Books(2010)
Unbound Expressions, Satrap Publications (2013)
Artist in Focus, Renee Pfister Consultancy (2014)
New London Journal, Griffis Art Center, New London, CT, (2014)
Artist in Focus, Janet Rady Fine Art (2015) –

2014 Griffis artist residency, New London, CT
2017 Jodhpur, India

Before a New Beginning

Crimson Mind series

The Shower of the Light