Ruth Celeste Estigarribia

Ruth Celeste Estigarribia ルース・セレステ・エステガリビア (パラグアイ) 2018年4月~5月滞在

Ruth Celeste Estigarribia ルース・セレステ・エステガリビアは1980年生まれ、パラグアイの首都のアスンシオン在住。アスンシオン国立大学にて造形芸術を学びました。

Arquitecture Faculty. (2007 – 2012) Mains achievementsare:|1 st Visual Arts Contest hold by Paraguayan Congress Cultural Center (2016); awarded Prize by the International Association of Critics of Arts (AICA) 2015; second prize Henry Matisse (2015) with her work "Telepromter"; First Place in the National Contest of Engraving (2013); Honorable Mention "Livio Abramo" (2014); and mentions at the Henry Matisse contest in 2013 and 2010. In 2010 exhibited individually at the Alliance Francaise in Asuncion and her work "Grágico" from the series "Infotráfico" won the “Colors for Human Rights" award organized by the UN – Asuncion, and was part of their calendar in 2011. Experimental work using various techniques such as block printing, collage, assemblage, illustration, painting, photography, urban installations and ephemeral large works with great conceptual value.

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Sin título

Sleepers Hallmark 2014 - 2016

Soportar 2016

Telepromter 2016

-Ruth Celeste Estigarribia received an arts grant from FONDEC Paraguay (National Funding for the culture and the arts) to complete the residency at Studio Kura.