Clio Berta

Clio Berta (United States) Residence: January to March 2019

Clio Berta is a performance artist, composer and multimedia event producer with roots in Camden, Maine and Tucson, Arizona. Her multi-dimensional work aims to illuminate the space between fabrication and reality, breathing life into a third, more elusive realm. By submerging the viewer in a fabricated reality, she aims to temporarily shift their interpretation of reality itself. Additionally, her work explores conceptual themes of fabrication as it relates to the construction of self. How does our definition of self shape our experience of other people, places, things? Is it possible to manipulate our sense of self in order to more intentionally shape our experiences? By giving voice to the magical in between, Clio hopes to carve out space for these crucial explorations in self.

At Studio Kura, she plans on creating a series of pieces that combine experimental musical performance with projected visual elements. She hopes to further her understanding of experimental storytelling and immerse herself in the world of interdisciplinary performance art.

Clio has a BFA in Interrelated Media from Mass College of Art in Boston, Massachusetts. She has worked as an arts educator and a film and commercial composer. Her work has been shown and performed at Asymmetrick Arts in Rockland, Maine, Mass College of Art in Boston, Massachusetts, the Burren College of Art in Ballyvaughan, Ireland, and Hotel Congress in Tucson, Arizona. You can see her work at

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