Micha Tauber and Cyrille Faivre

Micha Tauber (The Netherlands) and Cyrille Faivre (France) Residence: August 2019

An artist couple living and working in Paris.

Micha Tauber is celebrating her 30 years of painting, 30 years of colors during which she constantly has shared her emotions, her multicolor dreams, her unchanging thirst for creation and curiosity.
The world isn’t large enough to quench her desire to take us with her to see things differently, to feel the world as she feels it. The artist, who sometimes feels so small before the beauty of the landscapes that surround her, enhances them with her unlimited palette of colors. Each work reveals, the facets of a humanist personality, clearly tinged with dreams and intentionally kind. If her talent has expressed itself increasingly intensely over the years, if the maturity of her painting has affirmed itself, she has nonetheless remained faithful to her little girl’s sense of wonder and her curious view of everything.

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Cyrille Faivre is a psychologist and art therapist.
In his art practice he is observing surroundings, urban forms and textures from nature. He likes to experience monotype technic, pixel art, collecting traces and footprints, and put
them into paintings.



At Studio Kura, Micha and Cyrille want to experience researching together, by exchanging with people of Itoshima and take inspiration and connecting with the close environnement. They want to collect fragments from daily life around the region of Fukuoka, like pieces we find on our way, stories that peoples tell and put them all into colors and collages.

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