Zeno Siew

Zeno Siew (Malaysia) Residence: January to February 2019

Zeno Siew is a motion graphics designer from Malaysia. He recently graduated from 3dsense Media School in Singapore with a Diploma in Animation. He has also graduated from Korea University in Seoul, where he studied Korean Language and Culture. He enjoys meeting people from different countries and cultures. His hobbies are travelling and photography. He likes to travel to different countries to get inspirations of art and design.

He takes interest in creating both 2D and 3D motion graphic animations. He would always combine different atmospheric music and sound effects to suit different environments and moods in his works. Believing the theory of less is more, he focuses a lot in stylistic minimalist designs.

Being a big fan of Japan since young, he is excited to explore the different sides of the Japanese culture during the one-month stay at Studio Kura. He hopes to take in all the inspirations and recreate them in his work through various design styles.

– website link: https://www.behance.net/zeno97