Nanouche Oriano

ナヌーシュ・オリアーノ(別名 Dreampunkarium Dock)は、生涯を通じて探求心を持つ彷徨い人です。フランスと東ヨーロッパの混合した祖先背景、そしてアフリカ、ヨーロッパ、アメリカを行き来する幼少期は彼女の好奇心を掻き立て、結果として彼女はさまざまな文化や自然環境、コミュニティとの交流を無尽蔵に楽しんでいます。大人になってからは、ヨーロッパ、中東、アジアの各地で生活し、働き、旅をしてきました。彼女の旅の途中で、人々と出会い、異なる現実、風景、世界観、社会と文化構造と交流することで、彼女の物語が生み出され、想像力が刺激されてきました。時には定住し、時には放浪する彼女は、様々なメディアを通じて自己表現を行っています。彼女は拾い読みをし、記録を作り、壮大な旅行や短い散歩で集めた感動、感情、アイデアを中心に作品を創り出しています。


Nanouche Oriano (aka Dreampunkarium Dock) is a lifelong wanderer and a wonderer. Her mixed ancestral background from France and Eastern Europe, as well as a childhood split between Africa, Europe and America has spurred her curiosity, and as a result she endlessly enjoys mixing with various cultural or natural environments and communities. In her adult life, she has lived, worked and traveled in various parts of Europe, the Middle East and Asia. During her journeys, she has met people and interacted with different realities, landscapes, world views, social and cultural structures : these have fed her stories and fired her imagination. At times in a fixed place and at other times nomadic, she expresses herself through various media (puppet making, puppeteering, performance, travel sketchbooks, murals, printmaking, comics, texts, moving image, participatory arts, collaborations, land art, eco-textile…). She is a gleaner and a chronicler, creating works that revolve around impressions, feelings and ideas collected during epic travels and short strolls alike.

During her time at Studio Kura, she intends to explore the relationship between rice, farmers, gods, puppets, rice planting matsuri and other types of celebrations. Her research will focus mainly on Kagoshima prefecture’s rice god (たのかのさ) and Vietnam water puppet shows in the rice paddies, as

she has experienced both of these environments extensively. However, she is interested in the connection between farming and puppeteering/performing accross history and the world in general.




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