Cameron McIntosh

Cameron McIntosh (Canada) Residence: June 2017

Cameron McIntosh is a graduate of The Ontario College of Art and Design located in Toronto Canada. He got a Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Animation from Sheridan college and then decided to come to Japan where he taught English in Tokyo while living in Nishi Funabashi in Chiba Prefecture. During his years in Japan he documented life in photography and studied urushi on weekends. After returning to Canada he did a large series of chopsticks to explore new ways in which to create urushi patterns. He now does pastel, batik and photography.

While at Studio Kura he will explore coloured dyes on silk by using batik wax and various shibori techniques. He enjoys the challenge of creating new ways of doing things and his work here should reflect something new. He has pastels and water colour materials to help him get into a creative frame of mind.

Beach Snake 2006

Lady With Cat 2016

Urushi Chopsticks2

Patterns on Ice 2017-