Elvira Lantenhammer

Elvira Lantenhammer (Germany) Residence: June 2017

Elvira Lantenhammer is a German painter and artist based in Homburg am Main, inter-city Würzburg and Frankfurt in Bavaria.
Her deep love of Japanese culture and philosophy started during her studies at the Academy For Fine Arts in Munic. She got the black belt in Karate-Do-Doshinkan from Japanese master Hanshi Isao Ichikakawa.

Tension and relaxation, the essence of Karate, but also the practice of ZEN meditation and Tai chi influenced her painting.
She found to the reduction to the essence, the clearness of the form. And first of all comes the colour. It describes to her definitely and very fast the atmosphere of a place, without any words.

In Itoshima, she will continue her art project, which is meanwhile a concept, called ‘Siteplans’, painting ‘Japanese Siteplans’. The intuitively found base colour at the place – the radiance, the atmosphere is to be seen in colour compositions as a subject in variations. The form will be inspired by the traditional Japanese roll painting Kakemono.
After the residency at Studio Kura in Fukuoka Elvira will go to Otsu at the Lake Biwa and, in July, she will stay there for an artist’s exchange program.
Elvira Lantenhammer’s artwork can be seen in various exhibitions all over the world and her paintings are in recommended private and official collections.

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1.virginian siteplan
virginian siteplan

2.siteplan yellow orange
siteplan yellow orange

3.bulgarian siteplan
bulgarian siteplan

4. siteplan san angelo drive
siteplan san angelo drive

5. siteplan dark blue
siteplan dark blue